May 03, 2006


Sometimes, what you believe is much more important than what is - because of the dynamics of the way the world doesn't work until you notice that it works. Makes you wonder if there are parellel realities and we can jump on a different thread by changing our mental outlook on how we view the world.

If we do change outlook, does that cause a physiological change that manifests itself in our dna and causes our emission / absorption frequencies to change? If so, our personal energy field is tunable and we need to rethink the process of liquid phase crystalization. perhaps our understanding of phase change is perceptually wrong.

I dunno, but i am hitting the descriptive books of the first half of the 20th century searching for where our unknown incongruity began. it is fun to divide the gamers from the pretenders and realize that both theories (reality and the diverted misassumed reality we now have with improper order) have honest intellegent proponents. It just that they were working from a wrong basis set. If you wish to be helpful, take your favorite scientist and trace through her/his history the points where she/he published theory and determine who's theory their theory is derived from. This will classify two houses, once i can identify where the split was made.

If we have enough participants, i can offer a classroom to discuss some obscure information in real time. But the key is to work independently without the discussion to the point of definition without cross-bias, so that the sorting hat can really sort well and errors can be corrected, rather than identified and further ignored. The blog thread is a totally different dynamic of communication that can be used to tease out thought in longer time frame than the instathink of a chatroom type atmosphere. How many different form of communication can we use to transmit the same information? How many do not require electrical power?

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