May 18, 2006

Worker Motivation

Most innovation, he wrote, is the cumulative effect of lots of incremental process improvements. And the people most qualified to identify opportunities for such improvements are, obviously, those involved in the process. In the hierarchical corporation, those most aware of what would improve efficiency have the least power to do anything about it. And, frankly, they also have very little incentive, since any productivity increases resulting from their improvements will surely be followed by layoffs, soaring stock prices, and senior management awarding itself a huge bonus for “cutting costs.”

Kevin Carson at the Mutualist blog quotes Barry Stein in discussing whether the inmates run the asylum at Harvard University. The lawrence Summers fiasco is a lot of hot air - but it basically comes down to - why do we beleive at all in verticle hierarchical structures? Who gave these bloviates the economic power to run roughshod over everybody else's rights in this enslavement racket called the 40 hour work week. Going up it seems like an 80 hour week minimum and really, dr. Lenny believes in the 144 hour week less time spent sleeping. If you are up you are thinking and if you are thinking you are working - ewxpending energy. Why do we need to draw pay to churn a resources base for economic purpose, when the only interests served are the elite powers that be?

Mebbe because we want stuff. It's okay to want stuff. But you don't need to work hard for peanuts to get the stuff you want, unless you buy into the verticle hierarchy system. Time for me to start the real day and become a slave to the time clock.

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