June 04, 2006

DaVinci Code - which way?

Went to see The DaVinci Code this afternoon - i don't understand the controversy over the supposed heresy. I felt the movie did a reasonable job of portraying DaVinci's artistry and i think the Newtonian spin is a bit absurd. At least they didn't try to make a case that Adam Weishapt was Sir Isaac Newton. The icon imagery was exactly what i would expect of a movie with significant religious overtones, but it doesn't border the significance of other movie heresies. Then again, i ROTFL every time i watch Dogma.

More telling though is the interpersonal relationships in the movie. Jean Reno did a wonderful job of playing the police - hard to make that sort of role believable. All in all, I'd say going to a $5 matinee was worthwhile - but i'll have to wait until some of the vids of the other options come out to determine whether MI3 or X-Men might have been the better choice.

People not only need to follow what they believe in, but also to question that belief system in order to strengthen the tether upon finding that the way is the way. Whatever that weigh shall be. I'll take my whey with curds that you. Where there is will, there is away. Weigh, Whey, Way Howdt there.

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