June 06, 2006

EH - 111 : Statistics

Bill Sardi crunches through numbers to discuss the true numbers represented by pharma-statistics - those folks selling everybody little red, white and blue pills in happy, happy talk that neglects to tell you what the little purple bugger is actually for. Dr. Lenny will occaisionally drop a tylenol, but that is the extent of the big pharma connection. Home naturopathy - self medicating with traditional herbal teas and fresh garden greens in season. Special micro-nutrient enhanced compost is one of dr. lenny's research projects - all hail the giant legume(?!)
Anyway, if you do the math to check what the press says, then Sardi's column will yank your chain like it did mine. Now i'm off to deal in offal.

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Anonymous said...

Clearly if Dr. Lenny believes in naturopathy his critical thinking skills in the area of science are lacking.