May 24, 2007

The Blue Moon

My cool weekend blended in with continuing adventure as i connected to the healing systems of the earth. While meditating with new friends at the Peace House, healing the family tree, i began to see karmic energy as functions of colors of the rainbow. Being very nearsighted, i had taken off my glasses and was looking at a flame at a distance. The blue was cold while the red represented hot, strong flow. It was better than any hour ever spent in front of a television or computer screen. We performed a constellation where i represented space-time - a concept i feel is broken. The final result was a crop circle shaped like the flower of life.

The Mayan calendar has a much deeper story that i have pursued thus far. Astral projections of the stars and heavens into reality of life has always happened thru-howdt the ages. Having two full moons within a calendar month is a very rare occurance - yet on May 30, this will be the second full moon this may. The funny thing is that last May, May also had two full moons. So this is the second consecutive year that this rare phenoma has happened. Once in a blue moon - the second second May moon, the fourth moon in the sequence is the blue moon. The lowest energy point for the earth - the bluest place of the tree. Consciousness is perpendicular to matter and energy.

There are other stories of the blue moon, including at least one that involves nuclear radiation. I do not believe that DNA needs any form of nuclear enhancement to catalyze morphing and mutation - as long as we can provide variety to allow the dance of genes. With time to exchange value for value - i visited with a series of amazing motivated people who each have something to share with folks that are willing to learn. My rabbit exchange - Inky for Fibro, black satin for red siamese satin broken - should produce some blended strands of rabbit from two highly inbred herds. I would enjoy being able to cheaply fingerprint the rabbit DNA and use that to double-check my breeding records - to update whom is with whom. A whole field has opened up to follow the footsteps of Brother Gregor and see how genes dance in recessive pairs.

Time to assess the situation and set up the ability to assay. Knowing how to count is as important as knowing what to count. My guess is that one of the embedded vastly wrongs is the Crick/Watson model of how DNA works as a double helix. It does, but it is only one form of DNA - which likely has eight - the same as the number of dimentions. That is, if spaghetti theory holds - which incorporates most of the valid string theory and expands it. The key to a valid theory is how well prediction fits practice. Ridley's Genome book is giving me insight - because there are so many flaws in his anecdotes that i recognize - perhaps we can get some collaborations to help think this thru.

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