May 21, 2007

Odd yet Cool Weekend

Searching for meaning in a topsy-turvy world? Me, too. I have opened myself up to some new concepts and find that the themes are repeating themselves in different shape, forms, colors and textures. A toss of the cards and a sudden inspiration, led me to the healing waters and a meeting with one of my dopplegangers. Andre' also caught a pairing and there was Sunshine all about. Ethan has an interesting view of life - that of a four year old. The wonders of thought that come from learning how to put three or four sentences into a response to a question is fascinating. I tried to get him to super-impose his hands onto each other - then i told him to take off his thumb and move it. The answer took about five seconds and the lecture on removable thumbs being impossible was hilarious.

The story of how the naked monk led to my receipt of a 1967 Muhammad Ali metal collectors card - buried junk from a past age - will have to be published in short story form. Further investigation of the card reveals a 1995 copyright and a made in china imprint - yet still - how odd to be found along a road in the woods in the middle of knowwhere. (My camera connection does not wish to work today - picture of card will be forthcoming.)

This followed a saturday day at Wild Rose Vinyard - in a festival set as a fund raiser for the local community college. The bands were awesome, the wine was superb, the food could have been better: this event had the culinary arts students raising funds for their program. Now why this is a college program - here where available cooking jobs are flipping burgers is beyond me. The weather was nice and the turn-out was - well wasn't. It was like a private rock concert for 100 people. This speaks volumes about the value of the local community college to the local community. Time to give up on government funded mass public education all together. And do something else, not quit learning.

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