May 20, 2007


As the going gets tough, the weird turn pro. HST

You cannot get much more high theatre than watching the spectre of the world turning. Reality is nothing like the political jungle. It makes me think that in ages past, people had gotten to an advanced point of knowledge. Conflict is produced by the generation of psyche energy with no viable vent and the society, insane, crumbles and melts down. Truths may become self-evident for a period of time, then the illusion takes hold until the reality can no longer mesh with the fiction. One thing we know about a few ancient empires is that they understood the mathematics of form, the sacred geometry. The pyramids demonstrate this lucidity.

Help me welcome Bruce Rawles to the crosslinks and our sector of the bloggosphere. Bruce is heavily into this Sacred Geometry, at which i am but a novice. Yet as a chemist, i have grown and photographed crystals of enzyme active site analogue that we bio-mimic-ed in a lab thirty years ago. The hottest topics published in Science magazine today are not up to where we were back them. Using group theory, the geometry of chemistry is predictable. It is the same geometry as the pyramids and the other facets of sacred geometry. So Cool.

I ripped the last post on scale from Bruce - so this is my way of giving credit where credit is due.

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