May 19, 2007

Very Short Parable

This story is based on an eight card sacred geometry tarot toss, written prior to reading the actual messages in the cards. It was followed by an I-Ching toss and a single daily tarot card. Contextually - editing was done while blogging to allow the story to flow with effort made to keep all the verbal images.

It starts with a seed. The idea once set gets to nagging - it returns in facets and odd forms and gradually changes the approach to life itself. As the seed germinates, we begin to find the puzzle, a three dimensional shape of perpendiculars.

Our current comprehension of yin and yang leaves out the third essential directional perpendicular. Perhaps the clue is at the interface, another term that belongs in the Heisenberg uncertainty equation. Somehow, this relates to Einstein's observer and alternative fields of consciousness. Hopefully, there are enough clues in the sacred geometry to lead toward an understanding of something that we currently barely acknowledge.

Now look internally to the things that can be done on a local basis. Do not bother to distribute the fruits of the effort prematurely, nor take any time to roam outside in the vast ranges of space. Get it together to be able to do in the here and now - or the soon to be future here and now. Even though we seem many people, all are one - unity and infinity convey the same emotions.

As events come to a crux, the flux of change will increase rapidly and flush away the existing paradigm. The winds whistling and screaming past will seemingly destroy what has been built. This will allow the chaos necessary to support a different philosophical approach - perhaps one that recognizes natural energy sources and uses them for what they are, rather than what they can be made to do.

Alas, this may be an invitation to leave behind the worldly concerns of the existing age and travel through space/time to the place where the mind is found - the engines turned off and breath lightly encumbered on a flow formed crystal lattice. Water holds the elemental keys that unlock a very different new reality - let it breathe free and it can heal many things - squeeze it to tightly and it might not cooperate.

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