July 30, 2007

belief systems

what is life but faith in something that supercedes belief by amazing us with her presence. what i want and what i get are truly united in some strange manner that spins together with the matter of other folks' common belief. when we work together to unite, our existence co-depends on others that we trust to pull their weight. every person adds additional complication - so getting people with common assumption together is a necessary prerequisite for a mutually beneficial society. why must we all conform to one society - with thugs enforcing nonsensical decrees.

what i want is a role where i am appreciated for what i do and given the respect of the individuals that i deal with. i dislike being forced or coerced to share my point of view with folks who do not respect the facts behind the myths they spin. time has come to not respect the disreputable. there is no reason to not stand up to the bullies, we cannot take being beaten down each time we doth protest.

consult the movie Network - the Peter Finch character - "I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore." note the movie Bullworth - notice how to go howdt flaming - you don't see much of Warren Beatty on the silver screen nowadays - do you? creating media to reach people that have no use for the existing modes of media is the next step to taking back reality. change will happen, so you can be behind it and be the cause of future effect, or you can be in change's path and get steamrollered like a lone chinese peasant. your choice.

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