July 25, 2007

change time

In keeping on theme, Mike Whitney is in tune. Since bloggers have the guts to speak truth to power, they will disappear all the bloggers. The weirdness is there full to form and the parallels between fiction and reality are all too real. (paging Dr Orwell) The information coming howdt from CIA actions is given as a warning - we are secret and we are everywhere, so bend over and grab ankles because you will take it.

Life is too weird to not believe in the things we know. We know that the current passive non-resistance is not having any effect on the march toward fascism. Congress is still the opposite of progress and as long as we use their money, we tacitly accept the system the way it is. If we try not to use their money, they come down on us hard and heavy, as e-gold and liberty coin have found howdt. There are better ways, but they don't come to us as options from watching movies and television. The good guy really gets slaughtered through inaction.

Strange is afoot - accepting strange is a precursor for accepting different. The idea of organization from above is not valid, as people above have an agenda that doesn't even register here on the normal plain. If you are not one of the deciders army of 300,000,000 like-thinking clones, then you are against the system all by yourself. Cognitive dissonance will make it tough for you to think and paranoia from seeing truth and living in fiction will have you jumping whenever your kid strolls through the room unexpected. The money goes fast and furious and then being broke for days or weeks means looking forward to the next paycheck, the next fix to keep the hogs from your trough. You can check howdt any time you want, but you can never leave.

Here come old flattop he come grooving up slowly he got juju eyeballs he's one spinal cracker he got hair down below his knees.
Perhaps the Beatles knew something that the psychedelics filtered howdt into a language that we misinterpret. Figure howdt who you trust to rely on, then look at your current circle of friend and see whether the trustworthy are being pushed, pulled or prodded. New friends require trust, but as we lose the trust of the people we know, because they are so hung up on what we produce rather than who we are, we end up in a spiral of confusion - just where the PTB want us.

The only way howdt is to be true to yourself. Let your hour be an hour and when you make a commitment, keep it. But stop making commitments for other people's benefit because they expect it of you. Ask your employer why he holds your earned pay instead of paying you on a daily basis. Ask for cash in the full amount of the agreement and pay your own taxes out of that cash. Oh - they can't do that. THEY CAN'T DO THAT. Sure they can - they just wont. What if we all quit our jobs and left all current bills unpaid. We would get to the end quickly, rather than dragging it howdt until the decider decides to bomb another country and start the next facet of the imperial monarchy of amerika.

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