July 03, 2007


Changes. Awesome David Bowie song. I wonder what David Bowie is up to now. The world needs an extra shot of Ziggy Stardust. It bothers me that people assume that it is alright to take liberties with stuff that is not theirs. The respect for private property is absent from life - it seems that the grubbermint taking their share unearned is making the people take whatever they can get. Murder and theft are unacceptable in all circles - there should not be two sets of laws.

How can we expect to do honest business, when the system rewards the dishonest? The information provided is not correct information - we seem clueless when it comes to proving a point - semantics always get in the way of the concepts. Choosing common language is difficult, when English comes in so many dialects that people are using the same words with different meanings and leaving in supposed agreement when consensus is never really reached. You get used to being used, and then the tables turn and you get used some more.

The new buzzword is fairness - with people whining about things not being fair, while using the system to take advantage of other people who don't play the game. We are asking our producers to support more and more unaccountable infrastructure that isn't supported by the accepted knowledge base, but conforms well with the political agenda's already established for us. Contracts can be changed unilaterally by corporate grubbermint. Structure is a key component of order; chaos trumps order whenever control is lost. Who is in control right now - nobody. Or mebbe Scooter Libby.

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jomama said...

Nobody's in control now.

Shhh. Don't tell anyone. The
fireworks will be splendid.