July 02, 2007

Philosophy - on the slippery rock

People have a funny way of communicating. When placed in situations beyond their control, people are helpful, kind, considerate and somewhat frightened. Turning the tables on these people helps instill a 'one for all and all for one' mentality that gets us all through another day.

On the other hand - place a person in a position where she (or he) thinks she knows something and the difference in learned behavior is astonishing. The 'leadership' capabilities revolve around telling other people what they should do and being of absolutely no help by insisting on means to the end, rather than getting to the end. The theory of how to do something exactly correct is much more important than the vision to roll up the sleeves and work. Sharing the point of view is too much work, and work is to be avoided at all costs.

Young people do not see how old people actually got to be old people. They know some people who are old and wise - usually respected family members and professionals they have dealt with in the marketplace of goods and services. The honored institutions of the old gather little respect from the young - who see things that have always been there for them. As a tool of television - i remember black and white situation comedies and variety shows. How would Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In hold up against a Mel Gibson movie? Well, sock-it-to-me - Goldie Hawn ought to know. But she's a totally different girl now.

Dr. Lenny grew up a lot in the past six weeks. Trauma time will do that to a person, but life goes on. There are many goals that were set that were left by the wayside as life interfered with timing and structure. The things that we spend time with should be the things we find most important. People are the high point of life - our act can be pulled together, but only by the desire to get the act together can we actually accomplish our goals. Some of my goals have morphed pretty seriously, and i plan to take it easy during this hard hot summer. There are some objects that i removed from life because i didn't have the time - those will come back, because they are much more important than dealing with people that i do not like in hostile situations, where the importance of the goal was really a fictional delusion of what 'should be'. What is is what should be - we all control ourselves, when we wish to.

Too many people are howdt of control; now lemmi B. hin will contribute positive poems as lemme howdt continues his constructive criticism. Poetry is a means of expression denied to scientists, who must base conclusions on accepted fact, even though that fact might be incorrect. The basis for science today is an elaborate fiction, that used to make sense before we had the tools to accomplish current resolution. The sharper our equipment becomes, the more we learn that the observer affects the observation. The starting point of observation is crucial to the picture developed, so a lot of things that are attributed to cause and effect are coincidental, yet tied together by coincidence of time. Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams both investigate this with tongue in cheek novels - reading instead of video is one complementary means of acquiring knowledge. Albert Einstein did not watch movies, he believed in a God that didn't roll dice.

The purpose of people is once again a question that has no rational answer. By working together to solve our problems, rather than just complaining about them, perhaps we can change the paths we are on to the paths not chosen, and do better than we do now. Better is a relative term, but you know what i mean. Carpe Diem - seize the day! dl

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