July 27, 2007

row, row, row your boat

Life is but a dream... which continues ad infinitum. The journey is as much about getting there as there is there to get to. I had a discussion with my son this morning where he pointed howdt a non-error on the white board and argued that it was incorrect. Was very insistent about it, until i happened to pull out the water quality guide that i used at science camp. Now my son was ready to argue with the reference book. It is quite annoying to find that the average high school student is belligerently disintelligent. He also had difficulty with the concept of looking up a phone number in a telephone book. Have schools poisoned the pot to real learning by their one system fits all approach? I dunno - mebbe it's just the big high schools.

Or mebbe it has nothing to do with the schools at all is a symptom of a society ready to eat its children? If you look at the boomers set-up, it looks like they are going to rumble into old age and pull up the road behind them. Rest assured, if they tell you they've found a way to take it all with them when they die - we will know the people have taken a serious leap over lemming's cliff. But to actively and aggressively take from the pot withhowdt real contribution of value back and then to advocate bombing other places into submission is too much.

Resistance is futile says the borg, yet self-directed organization is a short term means of dealing with a constantly changing pathway. Decide what the goal is and find like minded people to focus on attaining the goal. The one party system has no power base at all - yet dr. paul speaks a truth that mebbe can get something done.

Time to run off to the woods once again. The solace of a life of simple non-luxury keeps me grounded. To stop and set to rest, then pick up the things that need to be done in priority order is the goal for the entire month of august. The blog should continue - but the format of approach and the venue are still floating in netherspace. Be here now was Ram Dass' approach, so this is where the blog will be, here, now. Until monday... cheerio

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