July 26, 2007

Song and Dance

Getting ready to press on to Reedsport for the nine day in the last seventeen. The three weeks of summer science camp were not what the doctor ordered, but had the charm and ambiance of a hectic summer day. The kids have been great, really interested, and the questions come from many different angles. We discussed black and white holes, fed chicken to one inch crabs, chased coumarants on the beach and caddis flies in the stream. we even messed up a white board by using permanent marker to write down water quality data in messy chaotic but simply ordered form. Data in the same order and different colored.

I remain a space case, not being able to find the keys i placed down a moment ago. Withhowdt short term memory, i tend to dwell on stories that i know from the wayback machine - i have become a dottered old fool interwhined with a curmudgeon. The program ends as it began - with one of the true highlights - a program aimed at middle school that worked as well as the bug zone did for high school. The next goal is to get up the north umpqua and do the youth wilderness camp. Will take some water quality gear and some remedial keys and go to town with a mixed bag of twenty youth of all ages.

See ya all when i come up for air.

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