July 30, 2007

time and pace

time is the essence of pace
setting the table of linear thought
chaos intervenes in short bursts
wreaking havoc amongst modern men
who insist on knowing what they see
who insist on seeing what they know
conforming life into a box
within a box, within a box
unfortunately - seals are locked
with toothpick tethers
holding fast howdt of sight
holding fast howdt of site
howdt of mind, howdt of time
until the pinnacle reaches nadir

ground state required for life
what to do - stop
when to do - stop
how to do, go on, go on
the approach of dimension
demented dementia absurd
unbroken lines lead nowhere fast
while tangled knots come with
giant escape clauses
claws sinking feelers deep

this expectation provides life
with confined ascention potential
when limitless improbability
comes to pass without cause
preceding effect from sheer will
commonplace boundaries
never verified, left unchecked
form mobile illusions in space-time
dents in the fabric illustrated
via embedded archaic thought
within boundary conditions
containing undocumented assumption

what if all we know is not
what if all we know is knot
life goes on after life stops
so how are light and life defined
dependent, yet not contractually so
speaking away in equations
of lambda this and new nu gnu that
and pi and phi and theta
intricate fractals on chaotic paths
artificially ordered to create
the flavor of the day ...
the bombs still fall
i rest my case !

still, life never rests
confined to a nutshell
of simple belief and hard skew
creating mountains and molehills
ant nests and people
people who put their blinders on
talk loudly over cacophony
so as to hear themselves think
creating images of false hope
based on hatred and sloth
deceitful in the mindset
of never ending thrill
to tell others what to do
how to do, when to do
yet not enable them to do
enough to break a sole
enough to break a soul

my heart weeps for the living dead
tethered to essential neverending guests
by explaining the inexplicable
through invalid assumption
and artificially constructed light
splitting the link between earth and man
listening not to voices of change
yet forcing the equations
withhowdt analyzing the math
golden spirals back into chaos
let's see what is next to reemerge
ground state solace required
all things need be set at rest
time is the essence of space
reset clocks to zero to begin again.

2007 (c) lemme howdt

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