July 18, 2007

Ya Gotta Read This

Was surfing the net when i found this on the back pages of rigorous intuition. I have met the author and seen the local county CAFR. This particular letter was buried in a dialog about the stolen master copy of Michael Moore's Sicko, which was pre-posted to the net.

To: Michael Moore
Date: July 3rd 2007
email: mmflint@[SNIP].com


From your letter: "An Awesome First Night for "Sicko" Saturday, June 30th, 2007" you say:

"Needless to say, they showed little interest in investigating who's behind this. That's ok. I realize what's at stake for them and I accept that this is a battle with serious consequences. The drug and insurance companies have dumped over a half billion dollars in the pockets of Congress and the White House in the last 10 years. This movie may end up being their worst nightmare."

Well, Michael, a half a billion dollars is pocket change compared to what federal and local governments made from the return on their investments from the same drug (pharmaceutical) companies. Government stock ownership of those companies, in composite totals equates to 60% - 75% ownership depending on what drug company you look at.

You have left behind and out of your documentary the clear and overpowering "motive" behind the acts coming from government. That being: They use tax revenue (taken from the public) to funnel billions and tens of billions of dollars into those drug companies "each year" and thus inflate their own return from investment ownership of those same companies without one ($1) ever going back directly to benefit those same taxpayers.. In fact government's investment policy and the way government funnels tax revenue into the hands of those companies severely drains the pockets of those same tax payers.

We are not talking an investment return of a "half a billion dollars", but a return equal to within those ten years of well over a trillion or two dollars.

Government's main profit centers in the last five years by investment are in order of return accomplished; the oil companies, then pharmaceutical, then banking, and insurance. A good showing of holdings from just one government investment account out of thousands would be the holdings listed as of 2001 within and from the NY State Retirement fund CAFR. http://cafr1.com/STATES/NEWYORK/RETIREMENT/NYRINV2001.PDF

I suggest that you look at what holdings roll out the money for our government. No grey area here, only fact. Returns of 100% to 500%. Then take a look at where the same ended in 2006. http://cafr1.com/STATES/NEWYORK/RETIREMENT/NYRINV2006.PDF

Here is your primary motive and the underlying REALITY of governmental policy for the last twenty years, they (government) profit from pushing drugs, they profit from higher oil prices, and they profit when banks and insurance companies roll over the money. Profit by a few extra trillions of dollars when you connect the dots and look at the assembled pieces of the puzzle. Oh, but then that's "Our Government at Work", aren't you proud?

A few hundred thousand people will see this communication.
You should not have any questions now on why government limits the cost liability to insurance companies and continues to dump massive taxpayer money down the throats of the pharmaceutical companies / health care industry at exorbitant and inflated costs when the taxpayer is paying for it through program entitlements; they are protecting and expanding their (government's) own bottom line investment profits at taxpayer expense.

The upper echelon government boys and their minions love to entertain the public by keeping them looking in right field at fluff or non-consequential drama as they conduct business as usual in left where the massive money rolls within a created and maintained wall of silence.

You now know the big factor that drives government policy, and Michael, if you exclude this overpowering FACT in the future, I and we all will know who you truly work for.


Walter J. Burien, Jr.
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"GROSS" INCOME of government is now 1/3rd "TAX" income and 2/3rds NON-TAX income derived from: return on INVESTMENTS and money generated from government Enterprise projects.

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