August 31, 2007


Is what is important to me
what is important to you
spirituality passes
generational mantles
how do you go through you
how do i go through me
how do we become we
when all we wish to do
is chew in black and blue

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

August 30, 2007

elite flooring

As the economy goes dinghy, people will start to abandon rural areas looking for the wealth of the city. Young adults will get to role play 'urban lifestyle cog' in the machine that plays one song - duality of work and play. Everything partitions along that single wavelength strand of yin/yang, while the rest of the spectrum is insubordinated and placed into catagories that can be written off with the stroke of a pen. Key issues are not subject to question, so few potential solutions are currently available.

This country has untooled itself and has the capability of producing little in the way of substantive value. However, it does look like they have the capability of unleashing a variety of different plagues, which would inconvenience the masses and shrink the population in a hurry. Ah - but who is this they? And who are they protecting? The power brokers have infirm bloodlines. All the horrors of the world today may be the misgivings of an entrenched elite genetic pool that has made idiocy the norm. The shelf life of this 230 yr 'self'-governing constitutional experiment has expired - we may get five more years or so of use howdt of the system, but we had better get going on some new and novel systems, because most will fail until we find some that can get it right.

There seems to me to be more questions coming up today than answers coming down. This is good. Questions can be asked in such a way as to query the information and develop a sense as to whether the news is correct or faulty. All news has some basis in truth - but the reporting of the event by individuals places that person's skew into the picture. Einstein spent years developing the concept of the outside observer - we forget now that we really cannot remove the observer from the scene and still observe the event.

Thus the requirement that all things must end. In science, they have to end before we can start crunching the results, and then new information is not allowed into the sphere. The collected information should be crunched mathematically, with t-tests and error bars to allow the observers to know the accuracy range of the measurement. Then, once we have a reasonable data set that has math integrity - now we can interpret the results of the tests. Test where the scientists embeds himself in the aura of the task allow for good information, but the interpretations made on-the-fly may not be the same choices that would have been made had the controls been externalized. Also - the situation as presented in real time is the one that gets dealt with, all the real details of the facts and issues are rarely clear during the process sequence. So the fates are really not equivalent.

I guess the thing to do is to be here now and just do. There is enough data mining to do in the notebooks of the science zone that i have no doubt that education in the future will be an inprovement from education in the past. That is easy to say - education now is quite hopeless. The people can come together, but not under the current system that pits people against people in a zero sum game. We have unlimited resources, if we can learn to invest in the resource, rather than the extraction of the resource. Now off to zone.

August 29, 2007

what next

let's all hope
they run away
from prison
camp USA
thugs in green
thugs in blue
take yer stuff
then seize you
step up now
change the field
they never yield
it may be gone
hard to say
but right now
i'd druther stay

(c) 2007 lemmi b hin

Thank You, Vache

"People who are tagged need to write these rules in their own blogs & share eight things about themselves that others might not know. At the end of the their blog post, they need to tag six people and list their (blog) names. Leave a comment on the blogs of the people they’ve chosen telling them they’ve been tagged and encouraging them to come over and read the eight things you’ve written on your blog."

Father Gaia, Doctor Lenny, Lemme Howdt, lemmi b. hin, and several other characters in here are tagged - but the key is that these facts are from the person beneath all the skins. I'll tagg Jomama just because i'd be very interest in the oddity.

one: as a teenager, i worked summers in an amusement park. i was not the clown - more of a burger flipper, pizza maker and eventually stand manager. i could never manage Steven King's Stand.

two: my first chemistry job was mixing urethane foams together in pepsi cups. I also got to dip rods into rail-tanks to take samples. The fun of doing process chemistry was part of the attraction of the career path.

three: i am deathly afraid of pretty girls. but - i overcome my fears every time i meet the person behind the beauty. i have worked to make it that i no longer feel intimidated, but i am a sucker for batted eyelashes and a southern drawl. i join jimmy carter in lusting in my heart.

four: my sports career was as good as vache's. i had four at-bats in five years of prep baseball. that was before coaches decided that everybody should play. i am a number cruncher, not an activist. i did broadcast college football for two years.

five: i played the political game long enough to serve as the treasurer of the Oregon Reform Party during the late 90s. i got to talk with pat buchanan, lenora fulani, jim mangia and many other poly-peripherals. i still believe in independent politix.

six: travelled to moscow and st. petersburg in 1975 - shortly after nixon had made it sociable to deal with russians. i recently was given some very old pictures of the trip - very interesting memories. mango juice is an awful substitute for orange juice in a screwdriver.

seven: i really am a reverend, and a scientist and a poet. There are some people who have never accomplished anything lasting - i hope that future generations can use my words. The paradigm is changing so fast that none of this really matters - except that i can listen, provide council and grow food.

eight: i believe in magic. i know that a scientist shouldn't, but a poet should and a bard has to look at all sides of every story.

coincidence is never coincidental, and today was an interesting day to be memed. The plans for the future are : pack the donkey and head back the other way. So be and it will be. Go west young man. I will stay here for a few more days - plugging in and checking howdt.

August 28, 2007

Settling Down

The road trip has brought the act into southern florida, where the status is hot. Five and a half days of daylight only driving has demonstrated to me that every place is a fractal of every other place - the order of the signs is changed. People are people whereever they are. The van was a real trouper - making it through many days of constant sixty-five. Mileage climbing the alps er rockies was low, but we were able to gas up ten times to accomplish the journey. The box shrank to the level of two bits - so we could travel in our own little electron pair. The mind worked overtime - the results will be entertaining, to say the least.

Now the deal is to visit the rents. The heat is very hot, but physical place is a different place than mental place, which is a different place than spiritual place. It is good to take mike and the mechanix at their word and visit dad on his ninth decade beginning. So i have a place to be thru the end of the month - so expect some wisdom forthcoming.


on the edge
fingertips biting
sheer concrete
many stories above
need to decide
when to let go
airborne existance
seconds from
lights in stars
memories flash
film strip time
your life
now seeing fiat
paradigm shift
oncoming fast
wake up, morning
nothing changed
just perspective
what to do with

(c) 2007 lemme b. hin

August 20, 2007


talk to me or
talk to me
let me know what's
going on with you
in your life
in your world
colour my world
with your tales
i shall share me
with you, with you
just talk to me
about you

(c) 2007 lemmi b hin

where oh where

the nomad follows howdt to whereever the path may take. The current path has left me alone, on-line in suburban amerika - taking advantage of somebody else's nine to five. The use of time-share to be in space that is otherwise uninhabited during the daytime is interesting. I wonder whether people could allow their personal space to be contracted howdt while they are not using it. Most of middle amerika could be mistaken for a ghost town during midday - sort of like the desolation at the opening of asimov's andromeda conquest.

weird is the name of the game - so i shall continue to blog my way to whereever we happen to be headed. A permanent location with no strings attached would be nice - but this is still an ownership world and sumbuddy is the ultimate owner of everything that we think we own. Our lives aught to be ours to decide - but there are so many strings that the marionette is hopelessly tangled. Perhaps a nap will help.

August 18, 2007

another laura

i do not know the whole story
where events begin and end
what you've been told has
a hint of truth and lots
and lots and LOTS of baggage
be simple and honest with
you, first and foremost
ask who pushes your buttons
is that because you wish it
or cuz your place was taken
no one can be inside your head
the aura of you is your own
believe what you will,
what you can, what you do
but to your own self, be true
make life such that you know
you can always depend on you

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

Car Problems ... Life Problems

Funny how things work sometimes. Adventure seems to be my middle name, but i don't like that acronym. The transmission on the car quit yesterday, when i was traveling alone on the interstate. The rig just decided it was not going to engage the engine in drive. I was able to get moving in low and once rolling, caught drive, until the next time i stopped. I limped the car into a parking lot by driving in reverse and walked about a mile to a friend's house.

The friend just happens to be in Thailand, marketing audio components. My regular running mates were going to meet me at a destination and will be incommunicado until sunday - so i am blessed with a weekend of unplanned solitude away from the maddenning crowd. i shall use it wisely.

I wonder how the vehicle knew to give up near a place where i could be, rather than in the middle of nowhere - which is where i have been spending most of my time this summer. I have put many miles on this compatriot and was not planning to take it cross-country. In fact, we were supposed to be gone by now, but one thing after another has led to add insult to injury. Things will work howdt, they always do. I'll edit and font change later - this is an older mac and doesn't have the proper fonts available. hoo humm

August 17, 2007

Close Encounters

Had an up close and personal encounter yesterday with OSP's finest mid afternoon yesterday. Rev Scott and i were headed home the back route from the UBAC bio-fuels meeting and a state patrol officer turned his black and white around and flagged us because we were missing a front license plate.

As a licensed medical mj carrier, i had to show the officer the travel stash that we were carrying along with a copy of my DHS OMMP card, along with license, registration, proof of insurance and the driver's license - i was the passenger. The occifer asked for meth at least five times, and just had no real cause to pull us off. After a half hour, i guess our papers checked howdt, because we were allowed to continue.

Rev Scott was not nearly so lucky last week, when he spent the night in the Coos County hoozgal. The police state has been sprought - now it comes home to reality that dorothy is not in kansas any longer. who has the ruby slippers this week?

Reality Shock I

inconsiderate persons
with suits and dogs
barking integrity
as puss oozes howdt
the pores of the poor
they pour heartfelt
time into bothering
somebody else's problem

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

August 15, 2007


unusual pairs can create
alternate directions
why limit ourselves to pairs?
unusual pears can create
alternate concoctions
why limit ourselves to pears?
unusual pares can destroy
directional concoctions
let's limit ourselves to no pares!

2007 lemmi b. hin

August 14, 2007

TeeVee Age

words have specific meaning
and general connotation
buzzwords and signals
conveyed in convention
each paradigm dialect
generates novel dilemma
concerning sharing
common language
media creates an image
that says what they
want you to think
to isolate, to divide,
to conquer...
feeling that drive-by
now waiting forever
for never to arrive

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

Of course

Neurotic habits return from time to time and i find myself really getting into the rut of the same old, same old. The idea of going then returning, then going, then returning is a spiral resembling the turns of a coil of DNA. After each turn of three, the spacial position is back to the same coordinates, yet offset just a hair by space. People being made of this stuff, should follow the basic laws, so sociology is in all reality a branch of chemistry. A very undisciplined branch of chemistry.

Of course chemistry is not what people think it is. People understand body chemistry which leads to the development of feelings which influence how we take in the world. Chemistry is the earth participating in the material pleasure by really stringing things along. If i understand what i think i understand, then we are seeing a cosmic birth that is due to arrive in 2012. The end of a grand DNA chain approaches and evolution is now proceeding at an undaunted pace. If you use the ability that you have, you might find that you have greater skill in that ability.

Of course you do. It is called practice. The more you use any skill, the better you get at it. Practice in minutes adds up in hours. Practice in hours adds up in days. The more days you spend doing what you wish to do, the more capable you become at doing what you enjoy. You can develop your avocation, while going thru the motions of your vocation - but you can never get to the skill level that you need to be, unless you spend the time. On anything you find interesting. At any level. Measure the time spent, such that you notice it. This weigh can be called prayer, a measure of devotion to spending some time with self and finding the heartsong of your spirit.

father gaia ministers with the united church of the living earth. he is not married to mother earth, but he has dallied with her once or twice.

August 13, 2007

you who

who are you
are you who
you want to be
wish to be
wish to change
change - now
confront fear
by failure to fear
be not afraid
to be who
you wish to be.

(c) 2007 lemmi b. hin


Material and Spiritual worlds may simultaneously exist in the same space. Energy ebbs and flows between the two worlds which feed off each other at different times in the cycles. The energy world can be split off into it's own stable pattern - for maintenance of consciousness, soul and many other fancy life tasks of keeping the organism alive. The energy state can favor matter over spirit or spirit over matter - but that depends on the cycle for all three periods of the overlapping individual interactions.

The most magic is created by human pairing where the individuals are both diverse and common. The knowledge base falls into common on the energy frequency while material world in one person is weighed against the spiritual ability of the second person, and matched somewhat evenly. The partnership strength is in the character of the individuals - the partnerships and chemical bonding of the human units seems for fit a more stable ground state situation.

The ground state is the basis for stopping the volume of interaction. From the time of conception, the soul of the individual is split evenly amongst the divided cells - each performing its ritual in the DNA dance that brings life. The single genetic code for life on earth places tick marks onto the form in the order of kingdom, phylum, class, family, order, genus and species. Biology is now a major religion in our time and to believe in the genetic code is similar to believing in the torah, or the koran, or the tao. The new paradigm has to relate to the interaction of spirituality and matter, with the energy axis going to ground - because our energy field has become serious disfigured by imposing a specific order on random chaos.

Thus dr. lenny will be resurrected and allowed his own channel of thought. lemme howdt and lemmi b hin will continue to share a by-line and i shall remain here on site for further council. The ministry of the United Navel Church of the Living Earth will be the howdt sub-branch of the United Church of the Living Earth, which is currently materially registered as a NGO (501-c(3))in Wisconsin. Thus - a travel there is in the works on the tour and dr. lenny may have fun with his second coming.

August 10, 2007

Breaking News

At 9:37 am - a deranged lemme howdt assassinated Dr. Lenny . As a means of assimilating thought, Father Gaia will step into the control seat while the zone reformats to a different reality. Dr. Lenny's obituary will follow at sometime in the future - hope you enjoy watching this blog coup.


People have a need to insert themselves into things that are not their business. There is no comfort today in assigning a task and waiting for the completed results - instead things must be micromanaged. Insinuation and nuance are used to drive things rather than direct control.

People ought to take responsibility for how they use their time. The work effort should reward people for the value that they produce with their time. Now, value is dependent on marketing and media and is not based on the quality of work. So why produce any quality in the work - since you get paid the same pittance - good or bad. The absence of work ethic and the dominance of 'workforce training' drive the system.

Rather than learning measurement for the sake of being educated, we take measurement to prove a point - and don't take measurements so as to not allow those points to be proved. This is not science being an honest broker for describing reality. Agencies don't want good science, it does not support their agenda. Schools don't want good science, as thinking students take too much time and effort to deal with. Non-profit businesses want control of other people's time as 'volunteer' efforts, but want them doing the direct bidding of the people behind the mission statement. Everybody in the system would rather have fake data that reemphasize the false reality that the system preaches.


Systems in Life

Systems are embedded in systems which are embedded in systems. At each level of scale, things have to work properly or the operation does not continue. If a system breaks down at one scale, a stockpile of material gets produced while the problem gets fixed, or sits there stagnant if the problem remains. If the plant doesn't run, the suppliers don't ship the raw materials, because there is nowhere to put them once the receiving yard is filled. There should be a back-up plan, but everything running tight on schedule is, ready to be there just on time is a supremely useful cost cutting measure.

I had to pass comment on Pro-Libertate this morning. Here is the excerpt.

"the system cannot self-correct via fiscal conservatism and social liberalism. Total paradigm shift to show responsibility for oneself or perish seems to be the default state if the system collapses. What would happen in any major city if the trucks couldn't carry in food? Nature tends to have a built in redundancy - the one size fits all single system we have now is ready to burst at the seams.

Ron Paul can do it, with the help of we the people, but where are the heads of the people right now? It certainly is not self-directed, self-organized daily life. There is much religion in science, but not of the spiritual sort. Perhaps science with a spirit, where humans are mentally supported by the system rather than drained by it is a potential future system. Each person who thinks will likely think up their own survival system..."

If you follow Will's site - you understand the injustice that he points howdt. The problem is that we all see it, we all have friends that are there now - yet we feel helpless without our jobs, our pass to the dollars which create the distractions that allow us to run away from our fears. We need to confront them head on - not run away. Change might involve leaving the circumstance, but it does not involve leaving the planet. The economics of the system is shot - we all are in for the bankers ride and the politicians are just bought and paid employees of the banking system. As are the media. If you are mad as hell and won't take it anymore - quit. Build a new system - physically, mentally, socially and economically.

Oh - that can't be done. Sorry, I'll just go away. (Believe that and i have a bridge for sale)

August 09, 2007

Change of Terms Notice

If you want our services, you will agree to our terms. Now that McMicroSofTacoCoke has become the sole franchise permitted to sell fast fast food in your bio-region, the term minute must be redefined to contain eighty second for us and only forty seconds for you, the sucker, er, the consumer, er, ah! the customer. Thus you waste two minutes waiting for a McBurger that only takes us one minute to cook. The slop package of mayo, ketchup, onions and pickle will now be blended and sprayed onto your bun prior to shrink wrapping. The shrink wrap protect you from any former animal parts, fly larvae or genetic material of past protein users that might be lawfully contained in your McBurger or McTaco.

The current record for opening a McTaco is down to three minutes and twenty six seconds - 266 seconds! We also wish to pat ourselves on the back for gaining United Nations Security Council approval to market McCoke as an automobile paint remover. Remember to try our Virtual McHappyMeal from McMicroSofTacoCoke, so you can spend your entire thirty minute lunch break in your cubicle, playing McVideoGames. This notice pertains to everybody and can be found on file in legalese in a law library somewhere. Have a nice day.

August 08, 2007

life under the microscope

it's not as bad as it seems
just worse than you ever imagined
i don't want to leave her now
y'know i believe in how - something
that eusta be there ain't there
we are here now and there is there
honesty can increase trust rate
under a different set of circumstance
one might
always re-up, but then
the pressure to sell information
which aught be gifted freely
could never form unadulterated

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

Euce of Tewls

Dr. Lenny and the Bug Lady are headed up the North Umpqua for the sixth annual macro-invertebrate collection event. Our tools are buckets, brushes and nets - the game will be to see how the stonefly, mayfly and caddisfly populations are affected by fire. The 2002 Apple Fire burned a portion of Limpy Creek right over the water on both sides, while Calf Creek - a mile and a half away remained undisturbed. We hope to have Amy join us - she was there for the first collection as a high school junior and recently graduated with a biology degree. What a neat spin howdt derivative of life. A true joy is getting to remeet old friends.

reality check

what is needed and what is offered are two different things - the game of squeeze has begun and getting squeezed howdt is part of swimming in the toothpaste. the biggest fake truth is the paper trail that is manufactured to justify every action. reality is that it focuses attention on small insignificant transactions while the volume ties of billions of man-hours from otherwise productive people, who now waste five minutes here and twenty minutes there to get a receipt or make contact with a face and a name. no real business occurs - no transactions - just a use of time to justify a paycheck.

whoever has the most paperwork on their desk waiting for signature wins the game. accounting is magic to make the reality fit the system, reality is just a leverage point for fiat money to pretend it is harbored. april 15th is agony for everybody because a year of fiction is due in monetary prose - so everybody can reassess their character.

we know who won - game over, let's move on.

August 07, 2007

Must do what one must do. Melting away but reason is beyond the senses. Should curl up with a deep book and hide, rather than delay the obvious need - had to go with the flow, while being swept by a maelstrom makes for hard life between the soft squishy times. Writing needs to be addressed, not avoided - it is the world's toughest task. Your thoughts belong inside your head and sharing them howdtside is like poking sticks at lions and tigers and bears.

The golden mean spiral weighs heavily on my mind. There are too many tricks involved to believe what the media wants us to take for truth - but the pyramid in mexico is strange in it's timing and coincidence. Nothing is ever coincidence and the series of factors that have boggled me at every little step is a symptom of the delusion that mebbe i'm not quite all there yet. Perhaps yet is never. One should hope to be able to transfer a skill set from one plane to another, but sometimes the deck is shuffled poorly and you have to do withhowdt a few of your cards. Just another set of circumstances to support a rigged game - but how do we unrigg the game.

Look howdt for answers - they may not be what you wish to hear, but when they speak truth, you know. Speak truth, find it - it is there somewhere. I shall return...


how to get howdt
just get going
walkin the walk
talkin the talk
special relativity
not general knowledge
general confusion
nothing makes sense
everything makes cents
focus misses the point
edge sharpened to cut
bleed: bleed red, bleed white
bleed blue, bleed some more
prickly pears indiscriminate
everybody dislikes awl

one ticket per time slot
jamb favors with competition
rather than envelope
the entire community
pit people against each other
thru artificial dearth
set up to take more money
howdt of a broken community
losing employers that once
were bribed to stay - no vision
time to get howdt
just by going to a place
where people who walk
another walk can be

August 06, 2007

talkin baseball

The St. Louis Cardinals are never howdt of the race, no matter how far behind they are. The Brewers have been caught by the Cubbies and look who is lurking but these same Cardinals. The innovative grand-master of game theory is Tony LaRussa - a true march to the real drummer type of guy. I noticed that he had Braden Looper, his pitcher in the eighth batting slot rather than the traditional ninth slot used automatically for the pitcher. The Cardinals scored ten in the fifth and Looper was right in the middle of the rally. He has two hits, the game is still going and y'know ya can never count this team howdt. I wonder how much an old LaRussa baseball card is worth - when he was a second baseman for the Athletics.

Soul Man

Vache raises an interesting question in the concept of soul. This raises a question of space/time and whether there is another axis that is proportioned to spiritual matters. Seems to me that maybe matter and energy have some counterparts and that their relationship has more to it than at first appeared. But then, the public skool version has always been a few loads shy on facts - why should we believe this myth any deeper than we believe the political and historical tales.

I believe in the concept of soul - but as a multi-dimensional force that weaves a fabric through chaos and order. There are natural ebbs and flows that have unpredictable origin, but yet happen plain as day. I prefer more flavors than one. There is a whole lot that can be explained by accepting a paradigm shift, but which paradigm should we shift to? Why do we need a collective paradigm when so many people seem to live in their own world anyway? Why is a good science question - what can we measure to make reality seem to be true? Oh - we've skewed our measures. Imagine that. Happy faux news.

Beating the System

In this ever changing world, we should be riding the surfboard on top of the waves rather than being smashed by their fury. However, trying to follow the law while attempting to do what is right has become a hopelessly nerve wracking experience. Some people can condition themselves to just follow the letter of the law and cheat on intent, others can follow the moral dictates of the law and impose their will on other folks - with the 'armies of the lawful' on their side. Only these lawful gooddie two-shoes do not really know what is stuffed into their law, and they have no idea of how the rules are enforced when people choose not to deal with the constructed situation.

After reading the first three articles on, i think i have figured something howdt. The opening lead by Burton Blumert discusses gyrations required to support a political campaign that came after the fact of the online daily magazine. Readers know that i support Dr. Ron Paul - i run an unincorporated daily blog magazine known as The Zone. If the big boys buckle and play by the lawyer games, it gives the little boys with the guns the incentives to shut me down, because they knocked a big boy down at the top. I have just finished playing this game in real life - it does not work for any of us. By listening to the lawyer's advice - who btw is paid well to keep the system going - LRC has fallen into the window described in the third article by Mike Rozeff. The association between Dr.Paul and LRC was well established prior to the changes of the campaign finance law and should make the law moot. By following the illegal law, LRC places more pressure on the society to come down on us little blogs and sites.

Now the second article by Gary North really makes sense. The laws are created by bureaucrats which have a revolving door to the corporations in the high stakes player of fascist poker that takes place at the boardrooms and billiards tables of the highly connected elite. With the golf courses and three martini lunches. The level of connection to the system determines where you play the system game - which just happens to be the only game in town. But internet Poke-Her is rapidly becoming a fad, with more and more people visiting the 'why do i listen to them' camp. So the obvious answer is to shut down the internet. Take Henry's word for it, if you don't like mine. (Scroll down to the Rollins Rant.) But don't just watch - participate.

To participate - Be Sovereign. Speak Truth. Question Authority - but think about the answer from both perspectives - yours and authority's. If there is an 'okay for me but not okay for you' involved, then we have an illegal law. As a sovereign, you may note that and ignore it. But because the system has all the guns right now, you might just wish to follow that law, especially if they are going to bust your balls (sorry ladies) for it. But that doesn't mean you have to like it.

We need a different system for personal gratification and enlightenment that is not based on secreting away to partake in simple pleasures. This social scene is too far along with the thought police concept to allow us to really go that way. So get real and start logging errors that you would like to correct when we take howdt the system and start multiply redundant systems to replace this broken fiasco. Just like nature we will need that redundency in the hopes that one of the systems gets it right. Or two, a yin and a yang.

Dr. Lenny is working on sacred geometry with respect to mythology, religion and science. If this catches your interest, drop me a note and perhaps we can meet up during Dr. Lenny's upcoming cross country adventure.

August 03, 2007

the way science is

knife point between
edges of chaos and order
physics blamed for bomb
chemists blamed for ddt
biology as heroism heresy
soon blamed for genetic
deoxyribonucleic acid
engineered comically

as life unfolds today

charlatans no longer

hold the curtain closed

behind little old men

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

simple life?

Hardly know where to begin, yet we're almost at an end. The insanity is keeping sane when the rules are different and the game is the one game in towne. Only the name of the game is really the same. Stop playing and the game becomes whack-a-mole. Keep playing and the game is an addiction : choose your poison. The Zone is but a hubcap on the wheel of a vehicle that is moving downhill, with great momentum. The strawman driving is one of the crash dummies - you've seen them in the commercials. My land is where the tin man sings - where lincoln and roosevelt are naughty words and people read about human nature in tandem with mother nature.

So amerika evolves at breakneck speed - lemmings moving toward extinction as space-time unravels as a result of our societal prion disease. All the soda pop in the world is carbonated beverage - half served in plastic, the other in the aluminum can. Now there is a pair of natural filth - the aluminum ion is most responsible - with a plus three charge it can replace both a magnesium and a potassium from the same enzyme. The resulting hole is a symptom of alzheimers disease - swiss chess of the brain, because what would fill the site is no longer necessary for charge balance. But the flip side is an incubator of new life...

It is time to learn chemistry naturally, rather than from the chemical industry rhetoric that we are spoon fed and frightened away from because 'it's too hard'. but ya gotta know some math - a boogie monster that is simply another foreign language. I spoke to a math-phobe yesterday - a true airheadian six. Man she had nice tits - but complete space between the ears. Sex needs to be a spectator sport for those types of people - would that my name were jean-luc and i could make it so. let's thanks jimmy carter for the ability to lust in our hearts. enjoy the day.

August 02, 2007

Marketing Test: Introducing Lisa III

For those of you who are heavily into music and insist on only the finest audio components that fiat money can buy - there is the Lisa III headphone amplifier from Triad Audio. This little unit makes a whole lotta sound and you will not be able to go back to simple headphones after you've heard the classics on this. The board design is a unique Phil LaRocca special and the critics seem to like it too. Music to our ears.

Dr. Lenny is playing with the idea of turning howdt into a media network of it's own. The experiences that i have had writing this blog need to be translated beyond the few folks that happen in on a daily basis (if i believe the data numbers). The total daily count average for July was : 372 visits per day. I have no idea what a visit is, but there has traditionally been a lot more hits than visits. This month the visits are catching up to the hits. Is there a 'geek to english' translator that can help interpret what hits, files, pages and visits are and how they are differentiated?

More on the arrest story - my insulin dependent friend was given a DUII after breathing clean and was not given medical attention. I will write a full story and post it as a news feature rather than putting out pre-information as a blog. He is all-right, but mad as hell and not going to take it any longer. Oh - did i mention that he is a minister of the church. the state is playing some very interesting games, but they are not discriminating who they are messing with. I guess they must think the legal profession has access to the courts all bottlenecked to the state will. Or they are overconfident buffoons. other suggestions?

August 01, 2007

Farm Policy

"To fund the House bill, Peterson slashed $4.8 billion from Harkin's personal priority, the Conservation Security Program, which rewards farmers for improved environmental practices. As a result, no farmer would be allowed to sign up for the program until 2012. So Harkin, the chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, will have to find money somewhere to fund the program or else undo the Peterson-crafted package that is popular with farm groups."

"Peterson spelled out the philosophy that guided his development of this bill when he said, “It’s about being able to keep independent family farmers in business. When a guy comes in to get a loan for his crop, he has to be able to show the banker that if everything goes to hell, he can pay his loan back.”

Ag Committee Chair Collin Peterson is the person responsible for making a total mess of the department of agriculture. The bill of goods that he has sold amerika is more of the corporate mishmash of chemical fertilizers and major player pay-offs that destroys all incentive for small farms to actually pay attention to the land management of the ground they occupy. Let's take one of the few remaining on the ground programs that actually get people equipment and supplies and cut it off so that banks can extract their residues from the rotting carcass of amerikan farmers.

Kredit to Krebs :

"Monitoring corporate agribusiness from a public interest perspective"

August 1, 2007 Issue #517

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Contrast in Poetry

sell your soul
to save your life
our spirits wander
through worlds
we cannot sell
we can only be

(c) 2007 lemme b. hin

can you flash dance
in your underpants
or must momma come
rock your boat
you never see
what you think you see
so why bother to look

(c) 2007 lemme howdt

Samaritan Axe

There seems to be a pattern here that Mr. Grigg should have a field day. The last three people that i have known to be arrested have all been picked up while helping a different friend in trouble. Seems the same people are always in trouble with the law and whenever their troubles become too great that another friend steps in and gets involved, somehow something illegal turns up and whomp - local police. It starts with a traffic citation and a search and always escalates because there is always something there. So the legalized government crime syndicate sucks up more people to put in their jails, places them on probation withhowdt court appearance and confiscates their property for support.

Kudos to Sunni for returning from adventure and posting both Retta Fontana and Jim Bovard in the same blog. The gloves have to come off - we cannot stand by and watch other folks make decision that affect us and still go with the flow. The group of friends and people that you keep around you is the people you need to be working with to support the community that consists of you and your friends. If it becomes illegal and immoral to stand by your friends in times of need - then there is no hope for the system of coercion that criminalizes doing the right thing to do.

You cannot believe that you have any effect on the way it is, if you do not support the illusions presented as the way it is. Declare sovereignty, play the game, but do not believe it - start something better. Form a system that is self-directed and develop a skill to help bring it about. But stop using anything presented by the existing system that you do not need for sustenance. If we all stop paying - what happens? Let's find howdt!

If you want a chance to turn around the game - be in Eugene Oregon on Monday August 13th by 9:00. Roger Weidner will be confronting the system in the Wishon case. Roger is asking for 100 court watchers - people who are willing to sit and observe the proceedings to keep everybody honest. If you have not been in a court-room recently - this is a much better side of the aisle than the handcuffs.

Now off to post bail.

World Turning

Dr. Lenny has been reading about systems biology. Nature competes through a variety of mechanisms to determine a survival of the fittest strategy for every ecosystem. The niche in the ecosystem that a species holds is the key to its survival in the short run - if you are important, nobody will wish to eliminate you. The keystone species have a niche so embedded, that the eco-system revolves around them.

This does not mean that keystone species never go extinct. It means when they do go extinct - there are boat loads of other species that go down with them. The mass extinctions that come about thru-howdt history have been due to either a massive event like an asteroid hit, or the sudden elimination of a critical overly important species like the woolley mammoth. The systems follow some basic mathematical structures at the border of order and chaos - where the energy flux is great and small changes can be leveraged into large effects.

American society today is a universal system in free-fall chaos that is under-going extinction. The keystone political system was communism and the fall of the USSR in 1987 was the event that set the ball rolling for the dissolution of american capitalism. The one size fits all system that we live under is so frayed at the edges, that there is no critical mass to stop the collapse once it has momentum. The past twenty years looks like a good start on the accellerator - the USSR kicked over almost overnight at the end.

Take a peek at the East Germans. How are they doing in the world today? What about the Byelorussians? Is the a better life in Slovenia or Slovakia? How do you find your own melting pot in the next world? Life will be fairly isolated and it will be up to you to decide how big or how small your unit size is. The overstructure will not be there - the infrastructure will be like swiss cheese - but the fiber structure of what is around is of mostly the same composition as it always was. As the line from Talking Heads says - Same as it ever was.

If you wish to tether a hook to dr. lenny - as long as the net remains, there will be ONRRI - the oregon natural resources research institute is back to a one-man information system in natural resources science. Become a student of ONRRI. We have a reasonable science library that is only as good as the veracity of facts published in the volumes. And lots of pictures, descriptions and accounts. When i return from the next adventure - there should be a membership structure for the zone/howdt domain. The concept will be to provide structural integrity and information to enhance self-directed community self-sufficiency. The buzz-word sustainability has been co-opted : but the mechanisms to be sustainable are multiply redundant.