December 09, 2010

trons in the hood

This is likely the best chemistry lesson that you will ever get from a sitcom

Order thru Chaos

linking thinking thru
patterns of resonance
separately informing
consensual debate
as active minds seek
forums of freedom.
truth singing harmonies
of natural species
by cooperative guilding
essences building
intermingling across
non-specific boundaries

2010 lemme howdt

December 07, 2010

Project Restoration - come play now

From time to time, Dr. Lenny likes to step away from convention onto the merry plain of the out-worlds. As a game player, i have found the role play experience to be an out of body phenomena that allows me to stretch my imagination. From the beginning with D&D (dungeons and dragons) in the late 70's, i have found ways to occupy my mind with diversions as a model of system in the 'real' world. Characters can say things that we might find unimaginable as the persons underneath the image.

Existence started out to be a role playing game before it became a two-way media circus. Just as i was launching, a bug in my ear said try this new game - Project Restoration. I always know how to act in a role-play. Belligerent! So i had lemme howdt sign up and had this real cool crop circle that i could expropriate.

So what to do? Post things. Chat. Form Groups. Read the Comic Book that foretells the adventure? Become a mole. Yes - a small fuzzy animal. Not quite a number of molecules, but an interesting concept. Just like reality - what a concept was a Robin Williams LP back in the day. But i digress...

So now Julian is locked away for revealing what is behind the curtain. The posts from the Project Restoration players have brought insight to a foggy bottom, which puts some bugs in your ears that maybe the game is changing while we play. So now the call has gone howdt for 144,000 - which seems like a Fibonacci number gone astray. So come join this game - tell them lemme howdt sent ya and start looking at the posts from chisti and moonlight and mithandr and johnny shekinah and all the other conscious characters that will lead to a new perception of reality.

Or not - maybe it's just a game.

December 06, 2010


if you wish the answer no
then why respond with yes
we tend to make allowance
for unpopular thoughts we have
yet go along to get along
then wonder why we lose
a stacked game depreciating
unto a much lower mean

2010 lemme howdt


passion - to learn truth
why? - for its own sake
do the answers
address the questions
all a web of mystery
distractions immense
duality in unit context
peace will not be 'allowed'
it will just arrive

2010 lemme howdt

December 02, 2010

S.510 - Food Safety (yeah, right) printable article

Originally published December 1 2010

Top ten lies about Senate Bill 510

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) The Food Safety Modernization Act looks like it's headed to become law. It's being hailed as a "breakthrough" achievement in food safety, and it would hand vast new powers and funding to the FDA so that it can clean up the food supply and protect all Americans from food-borne pathogens.

There's just one problem with all this: It's all a big lie.

Here are the ten biggest lies that have been promoted about S.510 by the U.S. Congress, the food industry giants and the mainstream media:

Lie #1 - Most deaths from food poisoning are caused by fresh produce

Here's a whopper the mainstream media won't dare report: Out of the 1,809 people who die in America every year from food-borne pathogens (CDC estimate), only a fraction die from the manufacturer's contamination of fresh produce. By far the majority of food poisoning is caused by the consumption of spoiled processed foods, dead foods and animal-human transmission of pathogens.

For example, one of the largest food-borne killers according to the CDC is Toxoplasma gondii, a disease that people acquire from cat feces coming into contact with their food, which can happen right in their own homes ( Salmonella poisoning accounts for 553 deaths a year. As a reference for relative risk, over 42,000 people die each year from road accidents in the USA, meaning driving a car has a roughly 7600% higher chance of killing you than eating fresh produce. (

In terms of food-borne illness, many of the deaths come from things like spoiled tomato sauce, spoiled canned foods and spoiled pasteurized milk. S 510, of course, does absolutely nothing to address these food contamination deaths, since those foods are considered "sterilized" at the time of sale.

Lie #2 - Under S.510, the FDA would only recall products it knows to be contaminated

Not true. S.510 merely requires the FDA to have "reason to believe" a food is contaminated. So right there, that means all raw milk will be targeted by the FDA because even without conducting any scientific tests at all, the FDA can say it has "reason to believe" the milk is contaminated merely because it is raw.

In other words, the FDA no longer needs science to outlaw a food product. It merely needs an opinion.

Is this "reason to believe" section really true? Yep, and here's how it was amended:

23 (a) IN GENERAL. - Section 304(h)(1)(A) (21 U.S.C.24 334(h)(1)(A)) is amended by
(1) striking ''credible evidence or information indicating'' and inserting ''reason to believe'';

In other words, in negotiating this bill, the U.S. Senate removed the requirement that the FDA needed "credible evidence" in order to recall a product and, instead, replaced that with the FDA only needing "reason to believe."

It is utterly amazing that the U.S. Congress would give the FDA to conduct large-scale product recalls and even imprison people based entirely on what the agency "has reason to believe."

Last time I checked, the FDA held some pretty bizarre (if not downright moronic) beliefs, including this jaw-dropping whopper: The FDA literally believes that there is no food, no herb, no vitamin or supplement that has any ability to prevent disease of any kind. They don't even believe limes can prevent scurvy, and you'd have to nutritionally illiterate to believe that.

The FDA believes foods are inert and that all the amazing phytonutrients in those foods (carotenoids, antioxidants, therapeutic fats like omega-3 and so on) are utterly useless for human biology.

This belief, held by the FDA that has now been put in charge of the food supply, is the belief system of an insane government agency that has completely lost touch with reality while abandoning nutritional science.

Lie #3 - They didn't tell you that nearly 70% of grocery store chickens are contaminated with salmonella every day

Yep, it's true: Amid all the fear-mongering over salmonella, everybody forgot to notice that the vast majority of fresh chickens sold at grocery stores every single day are widely contaminated with salmonella ( Yet S 510 does absolutely nothing to address this. It's not even mentioned in the bill.

In fact, it is these contaminated chickens that end up cross-contaminating the fresh produce in many kitchens across America. So the so-called "food poisoning" that's often blamed on spinach or onions often originates with the contaminated chicken meat people bring home and slice on their kitchen cutting boards.

Lie #4 - S.510 will exclude and protect small farmers

The Tester Amendment, which was finally included in S.510, excludes farmers who sell less than $500,000 worth of food each year from the more onerous paperwork and compliance burdens described in the bill. But this dollar amount is not indexed to inflation, meaning that as the U.S. dollar continues to lose value due to the Federal Reserve counterfeiting machine running at full speed (more "quantitative easing," anyone?), food prices will continue to skyrocket -- and this will shift even small family farms into the $500,000 sales range within just a few years.

In fact, a single-family farm with just four people could easily sell $500,000 worth of fresh produce a year right now, even before inflation. Remember, $500,000 is not their profit, but rather the gross sales amount. The profits on that might be only $50,000 or even less.

Furthermore, this $500,000 threshold means that small, successful farms that are doing well and would like to expand will refuse to hire more people or expand their operations. To avoid the tyranny of S 510, small farms will try to stay small, and that means avoiding the kind of business expansion that would create new jobs.

Lie #5 - The FDA needs more power to enforce food safety

The FDA already has the power to effectively recall foods by publicly announcing a product has been found to be contaminated. The FDA already has the power to confiscate "misbranded" products, too, and it could easily use this power to halt the sale of contaminated food items.

But the FDA simply refuses to enforce the laws already on the books and, instead, has sought to expand its power by hyping up the e.coli food scares. The ploy apparently worked: Now in a reaction to the food scare-mongering, the FDA is being handed not just new powers, but more funding, too! And you can bet it will find creative new ways to put this power to work suppressing the health freedoms and food freedoms of the American people.

Lie #6 - Fresh produce is contaminated because of a lack of paperwork

There is no evidence that requiring farms to fill out more paperwork will make their food safer. The real cause of produce contamination is the existence of factory animal farms whose effluent output (huge rivers of cow feces, basically), end up in the water supply, soils and equipment that comes into contact with fresh produce.

The food contamination problem is an UPSTREAM problem where you've got to reform the factory animal operations that now dominate the American meat industry. S.510, however, does absolutely nothing to address this. Factory animal farms aren't even addressed in the bill!

Lie #7 - The American people are dying in droves from unsafe fresh food

The truth is that Americans are dying from processed food laced with toxic chemical additives, not from fresh, raw produce. Partially-hydrogenated oils, white sugar, aspartame, MSG and artificial food colors almost certainly kill far more people than bacterial contaminations.

The American public is also dying from pharmaceuticals -- anywhere from 100,000 to 240,000 people a year are killed by FDA-approved drugs (, most of which have been approved under the guise of blatantly fraudulent science and drug company trickery. The FDA doesn't seem to mind. In fact, it has been a willful co-conspirator in the scientific fraud carried out by Big Pharma in the name of "medicine." (

To think that the FDA -- the very same agency responsible for the Big Pharma death machine -- is now going to "save us" by controlling food safety is highly irrational.

Lie #8 - The FDA just wants to make food "safer"

Actually, the FDA wants to make the food more DEAD. Both the FDA and the USDA are vocal opponents of live food. They think that the only safe food is sterilized food, which is why they've supported the fumigation, pasteurization and irradiation efforts that have been pushed over the last few years.

California almond growers, for example, must now either chemically fumigate or pasteurize their almonds before selling them ( This has destroyed the incomes of U.S. almond farmers and forced U.S. food companies to buy raw almonds from Spain and other countries.

Lie #9 - Food smuggling is a huge problem in America

One of the main sections of S.510 addresses "food smuggling." Yep -- people smuggling food across the country. If you've never heard of this problem that's because it's not actually a problem.

Not yet anyway.

But there's a reason why they put this into the bill: Because they're probably planning on criminalizing fresh produce and then arresting people for transporting broccoli with the "intent to distribute."

Yep, farmers bringing fresh produce to sell at the weekend farmer's market could soon be arrested and imprisoned as if they were drug smugglers. Hence the need for the "food smuggling" provisions of S.510.

Soon, we will all have to meet in secret locations just to trade carrots for cash.

Lie #10 - S.510 will make America's food supply the safest in the world

Actually, even with S.510 in place, America's food supply is among the most chemically contaminated in the world, second only to China. You can find mercury in the seafood, BPA in the canned soup, yeast extract (MSG) in the "natural" potato chips, and artificial petrochemical coloring agents in children's foods.

Eating the "Standard American Diet" is probably the single most harmful thing a person can do for their health. It's the fastest way to get cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Every nation in the world that begins to consume the American diet starts to show record rates of degenerative disease within one generation. This is the "safe food" that the U.S. Senate is now pushing on everyone.

Remember, with S.510, SAFE = DEAD. And the FDA says it wants to keep everybody safe.

Permission granted to reproduce and post this list with credit

Feel free to share this list! Please give the courtesy of credit to this author and a clickable link back to We are working hard to fight for freedom and educate the public about why we need to resist these "Big Government solutions" that trample over our Constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (which, in my mind, includes buying fresh produce at the farmer's market).

Thank you for your support.

November 30, 2010

The security state cops a feel

This post is a worthy read - it is time to be real about what we face in the world today.

November 28, 2010

Hang on to your Hats

Dr. Lenny is featured in this discussion after a showing of the movie What in the World are they Spraying??? in Ashland Oregon last night. I also appear as one of the experts in the film. Since ex means former and we all know what a spurt is, i take this honor very lightly. Get the film, watch it. Copy it and give to other people to watch.

November 27, 2010

Finding Reality

Sometimes i wonder who i am and where i'm at. The adventures come fast and furious and i find myself in response rather than enlightenment. As i search for truth, i find more illusion in my belief system to the point where i only know that i don't know.

i joined the project restoration role play in order to gain some structural insight for another role-playing game, Existence. Only it seems as though the reality has morphed to where the games are more real that the illumination called real life. We are each sovereign in ourselves and must resist forces that take us off of our desired pathways.

We were never destined to be creatures of income. The idea of putting away for a rainy day is a fiction - live life as though each day was your last and enjoy the time spent with good friends and family. Tomorrow will bring something new, something different and something strange. It is our job to test the model and make it into the means of attaining the goal. We can cooperate and agree to compete on terms that builds all of us, together, independent yet united in strength and acumen.

There is no telling what will become - but if we enjoy the rapport that we evolve here - we can try things in the game that can be applied to the illusion called real world. Play the game as though it was chess - be the knight or the king - or choose to be a pawn. It is your choice that sets a path in motion - the outcomes brings us further along the road to tomorrow. Don't forget to bring your organic pillow, and a towel.

November 25, 2010



Uniforms scare me
They take people
And conform them
Into dictators
Give a cop a rule
And watch the breadth
He takes to regulate
Other people’s lives

Lawmakers are dottering fools
Turn people into law breakers
Rules are thinking stops
Places to look ahead for trouble
Yield signs on the road of life
Not stop signs

Stop prevents all progress
Stop ruins mental imagery
Stop breaks momentum
Stop beats people up
Stop is violence enforced
Stop telling me what to do!

Amazing how jurisdiction
Ultimately lies with the people
The government overlay is callous
Equally looting bread from our tables
To feed a profit machine
Run currently on autopilot
By the drone of bureaucrats
And their stop signs

from Freedom Poems: Vol 3
by lemme howdt (pre-2008)

November 12, 2010


Things get more curious as time goes onward. Be ready for anything and accepting of everything. The pitch of the tone is changing - by the end of the weekend, we will all be ready for a good dose of Existence. Enjoy ...

November 11, 2010

Getting Noticed

Thank you to Richard for the plug for Existence - the online support system for the next role play of life.

November 01, 2010

Space of Love

November is here
Our money crunches
People have no clue
Barter requires trade
Leadership is internal
Walk your own path
Expanding Consciousness

Knowledge requires
Perspective - a frame
Roles develop via
Morality and ethics
Balanced throughout
By a need to breathe

Reorienting world to the mean
My hot box soothes the pain
Allows mind to ramble forth
Talk reorients the basis set
Evokes wisdom while seeking truth
As wet paper bleeds ink,
Souls breed love, a warm smooth glow

Thyme is an illusion
Dissipate into circumstance
To be wherever necessary
Howdt of touch. howdt of mind
Enrapt in a space of love
enrapt in a Space of love
wrapped in our space of Love

2010 lemme howdt

October 18, 2010

October 06, 2010

What in the World?

The new trailer for the video is here on you-tube. This is one of the most important questions of out time - What in the world are they spaying?

the top prize

Congratulations are in order to the chemists who created the palladium catalyst that allows specific carbon-carbon synthesis. The Nobel Prize was created by the inventor of dynamite - one of those really happy-happies for humanity. Of course, if we blow up rocks rather than each other, we would be much better off. Oh - Afghanistan is mostly rock? At any rate - here's to tossing my name into the ring for the explanation of ORMUS chemistry. mebbe in 2030???

October 01, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham ?

Made it to October - haven't pursued blogging because my head space has been on other matters - Ormus Gold, Formosa Mines, gold recovery and abusing the failing system. The money crunch is high theatre as people panic about making their monthly bills - and then extend the system one more month when they really get no benefit other than permission to keep stressing. I let it go. Now the system is trying to extract venom from my jaws and are finding the pot poisonous to say the least. The bullies are looking for anything to beat upon, so keep your head down, keep your head down and keep you f'n head down. Dad's rules of golf come in useful for life. Enjoy Octoberfests

September 24, 2010

Prayer Pole Make-over

This past Tuesday, I attended a ceremony at the Prayer Pole in downtown Ashland, placing an eagle feather in the hand of the indian woman. I took some photos to record the event. The RED Earth Descendants would like to raise funds to build a shelter to keep the Prayer Pole out of the rain. It has been quite the busy week.

September 17, 2010

Political Prisoner Needs Help

Dr. Lenny met Ed Steele at the Christine trial in Roseburg, OR about a decade ago. A pair of local kids were accused of kidnapping some state children's services agents because they took their own kids back by force and the agents involved were shuttled one highway exit down the road. Ed is a good lawyer, but his clients didn't win that one. I have no doubt that this could happen here - we need to support people and not allow them to get eaten by the machinations of the state. Hence - this note from Mrs. Steele.

(Sent on behalf of Mrs. Steele by the Free Edgar Steele support team, website [HERE] )

September 17, 2010

Cyndi G. Steele
P.O. Box 1255
Sagle, ID 83860

Dear Friends of Edgar Steele:

Edgar J. Steele has been entrapped by a legal system that presumes his guilt in the face of false charges. Ed has been in jail and solitary confinement for three months in Spokane, WA because of false allegations that he masterminded a murder-for-hire plot to kill me and my mother. I have never believed that Ed was involved in such a plot! Ed has defended the politically incorrect for years; people who, were it not for him, never would have had representation. Those who oppose Ed hate the truth and have threatened to harm Ed, me and our family in the past. Clearly, he is a political prisoner of the USA and quite literally, he is fighting for his life. There is a growing number of people who are banding together to make it possible for Ed to have the defense he needs against bogus government charges. We are asking you to join us.

Here is the bottom line: without experts to prove that false government tape recordings are only imitations of Ed’s speech patterns (using voice cloning technology), and without experts to present the truth about alleged explosives, Ed will be “sent to the gallows” for something he didn’t do. We have an opportunity to prevent this great injustice. This is not the first time the government has made false criminal allegations against innocent people. Thus, it is our choice whether we want to be a part of the movement to stop this kind of government-sponsored insanity. Let me tell you, we sincerely need your help.

I humbly ask for your assistance, as I am financially strapped and unable to raise the amount of money necessary to provide a proper defense for my husband. Any financial gift you can make will go directly to the Ed Steele Defense Fund, to be placed in an attorney’s trust account and to be used exclusively for Ed’s defense. Contributions of $50.00 and $100.00 will be greatly appreciated as we try to make our goal of $250,000.00 needed to pay both attorney fees and the legal costs of this case. Time is critical as we need to have a new attorney on board soon who will work for Ed.

Edgar needs an attorney who is willing to challenge the FBI’s conduct and show that the government is wrong. Edgar can’t move forward without your help in funding his defense. Your kind financial assistance will help us to engage a qualified attorney (who has already been contacted) who believes in Ed’s innocence and will work vigorously to protect Ed’s rights and confront the government.

These are tough financial times. But, please give a moment to think about my husband, sitting in a jail cell, day after day, with no hope, not even able to help in his own defense. I can’t visit him with him to give him hope or moral support, because the judge has entered a very unfair “no-contact” order.

Even the smallest donation will go a long way to help win this case and expose the corruption behind the false charges. It may even help others who also face false accusations by the government.

Please make your contribution check / money order payable to:

The Edgar Steele Defense Fund
P.O. Box 1255
Sagle, Idaho 83860

(Funds will be held in an attorney’s trust account.) Or, go online and donate by credit card and through PayPal at:


My sincerest and most heartfelt thanks for your time in considering this plea for help,

Cyndi G. Steele

September 15, 2010


White fish swimming
In shallow coated ponds
Appreciate air and water
Functions of life itself

Seeking wisdom
We approach the gates
Differentiating truth itself
In integral proportion

Another fall day passes
Change enters beside itself
Patterns form to elucidate
Many questions configured

A still mind clarifies itself
Conjuring harmonic keys
Placing puzzle pieces
Where white fish swim

2010 lemme howdt
for the creative commons
use with attribution

September 14, 2010

Why do we still deal with these people?

I wonder how much customer service would improve if the customer could bill the corporation for every minute spent on hold waiting for service. I have spent hours waiting to get a real person - i should be reimbursed for my time. Vache - you are a lawyer - any ideas?

August 31, 2010

Paradise on Earth

If we let the whole thing collapse and get howdt of the weigh, then we can pick up the pieces and rebuild better than we can by grabbing resources for yet another failed intervention. This morning's read demonstrates how howdt to lunch the MSM media is, especially the lefties at Counterpunch (which is a ' good' site).

Mike Whitney writes - The economy is in greater peril than most realize and badly in need of government intervention. My question here is - what have they been doing here with the failed excuses like bailouts and market manipulation? If everybody did only productive work that created real value, then i don't think we would have ten hours a week of real work to go around. So,

we are slaves to an economy that doesn't work for most of us any longer. Why are we buying into it? We need a satyagraha - a general strike where we take the time to think things out and come back with something that works for all of us. they take a month off in France from time to time - perhaps it is our time to emulate the frogs. I think therefore, i am ... right? Let's think of paradise, let's imagine the reality of what will be after we are all responsible for ourselves.

August 30, 2010


My friend Michael Murphy suggested this site on Geo-Engineering! Michael's movie - What in the world are they Spraying comes out this fall.

Four things, at least, should be considered when humanity makes decisions.

1- How will this decision affect every generation that is to come after us?

2- Humility- do we understand that we understand less than we think we understand

3- Logic- am I peeing where I drink?

4-The past- see below

Judging by the size of the plastic continents floating in the Pacific, it would have been a lot smarter for humanity not to become plastic glutons. So, too it can be argued that humanity should have ignored the bomb, terminator genes, DDT, Asbestos and thousands of other creations of short-sightedness.

Too, it should be considered, that mankind ALMOST ALWAYS allows the military to hijack inventions and science. Industrial GEO-ENGINEERING, more so than any weapon in history, has the capability to destroy continents, oceans...the entire planet.

Also of note, all the things created that since have been proven dangerous...have made their patent owners countless billions of dollars...the primary motivation to invent, especially when the invention is questionably immoral. Corporations, as we have learned, think without morals and have bottom-line motivations that emulate worship. Money drives every corporate emotion. Aerosol GEO-ENGINEERING is a FINITE source of money because it will kill us.

August 25, 2010

This photo was an old barn that falling down, just off I-5. The police arrested a homeless man who apparently wandered away from his campfire. Many people have lost touch with reality - or is it that reality has lost touch with many people. Life is abundant - the fire will lead to change and serve as a wake-up call.

Fire is also significant in that it is a clean ending and an opportunity for rebirth. The thought comes to document the process of nature, as a seasonal stream runs through the area. One lesson is that grass burns rapidly when it is dry and hot - respect the conditions when considering tending a fire. The forests here are already in extreme, this has been a very late summer - the late july blackberries are not quite ripe yet, where normally they would be shrivelled.

Thyme to get some mushroom spore.

Fire !

Upon our return home from the hedronists last night, we ran into the aftermath of a small fire that took out about a dozen homes. The starting location was 200 yards from the homestead, in a field that was being used by homeless for camping. The fire took out a ragged barn structure, then jumped the freeway into a residential area. Major wake up call for folks who do not understand local burn season.

August 14, 2010

End the Drug War (end all war)

Thyme to get on the stick about marijuana policy. Peace on earth begins with this herbal medicine. Watch this Reason TV talk - a shrink who tells a good story, though not so good on the conclusion. But we are moving in the right direction.

August 11, 2010

Lost:. Thanks George

Wednesday morning in the nexus of space. Had a talk with Yage (Ya Hay) - the black kitty that controls things from here - and decided to persevere despite the illusion. Circle of one, circle of one, circle of two, triangle of three, circle of five, gang of eight, then thirteen. Thirteen works - the illusion is redundant. Expose facto.

So where does this leave us, besides limboland. Perhaps the real truth buried in Maxwell's equations was eradicated by Dirac's condensation - both Einstein and Heisenberg were taken off task by the first whirled war - what was their interaction with Steiner? - and what was going on with Tesla that has been confined to the memory hole? Enquiring minds want to know!

Science is not the cure. Two standard deviations only allow science to ignore what it doesn't wish to reveal. Let's start with 20%. How many times will something work, if you carry out ten experiments and get 20% that give an alternate answer that is 'way off'. Twice in ten. But what if you get that twice in the first two runs - just by happenstance? (yeah right - randomness - do we think that coincidence actually occurs? of course not!).

At this point - where something works twice, then doesn't work the next eight times - we get the impression that somebody lied - remember cold fusion. But now we know the game is jobbed and that we have been taught that life works a certain way - only it doesn't. Pardon me but i'm confused. So - back to square one. Maxwell's original work, in two volumes. Hard complicated math in 1870's linguistics. I have copies and knowledge, but not the time and energy - i need a graduate student - but that's so old paradigm. Any ideas?

Bang, bang Maxwell's silver hammer came down upon his head....

August 10, 2010

In Joe Hall Creek

Look at this closely - photo credit to Leonard and Lois Houston


The following is a valid working definition of a difficult concept to grasp.

August 07, 2010

A short journey

where are we
how are we
who are we
why are we

i am me
you are you
we are we
just us, too

now down

the blue flame sets
amidst orange glow
a mini scene emits
as though from Dante's hell
where plato's cave calls
perception to the fore

The sky brightens
another day as no other
unique as time passes
another set of experience alive
and i think to myself
what a wonderful whirled

Louie croones in the background
all is not what it seems
colors belie the earth tone
change evolves to flow with time
never hinting that we reach
a breaking point

Divisional cluster emissions
apparent harmony of recognition
fiction melts upon discernment
to reveal naked truth
light rhythm illuminates

Layer upon layer of embedded fluff
as far as the eye can see
behind the illusion -- the void
we fill the void with chatter
instead of linking minds

2010 lemme howdt


A lewf
In my bed
de weigh
eye dew

July 29, 2010

Howdt of Sync

Something weird is going on in the relationship between people and life. My senses have been attuned to see what makes me tick - things like playing games really ring my chimes. Business is however business and everything in taken so seriously that it has introduced a lot of stress into the game of life. In fact, much of life is obligatory and absolutely no fun and not in my interest.

I do not really care about tracking small bits of paper. Keeping receipts to have records of spending is a totally useless way for me to spend time - yet business practices insist that i have record of every single transaction for however many years. The paperwork in tracking the paper is enormous and has nothing to do with investigating science.

Life works on the basis of biological interaction through chemical process. The understanding of how the brain works is one of those areas open for exploitation, because the secrecy involved in warfare has commandeered the truthful information in the field. We have this image of science that is no longer true - the applied aspects have deviated from the investigatory aspects and both have been corralled legally as well as physically.

There is one trump card though - the powers that used to be really don't have the vast experience of nature to draw upon, because they have accepted their own narrowly defined point of view. Think for yourself and connect to the whole. The blogs are dying because it is their time to die. There will be other innovative roots that spring up - from random sources at random times. In nature, nothing is really random...

July 23, 2010

The whirled is snot (what itz zeems)

I couldn't do it, I tried to stay retired on the blog, but my actions are just not ready to give it up. I have to get down on something instead of remaining positive and upbeat. So i need my security blanket, my blog, my way of letting loose howdt on the world. For my positive blogs - go visit existence.

First: Why do we continue to support Public Schools? I know that i would not want to be the parent of any of these three six year old children! The idea of corporal punishment in kintergarden just begs for the question of why don't we allow children to have a childhood. The Swedish school system is only 9 years of torture rather than our current twelve. Education is learning, not rote memorization of rules. I have tried before, i will try again. But really - if the government is already broke and children do not pay taxes, then how long is public education going to successfully compete with welfare and warfare for dollars, especially when our kids don't vote.

Second: The mess in the Gulf of Mexico still has a lot of people pointing fingers and talking bull-puckey. Fact is, we can clean the mess if we wish to - there are no scientific barriers in the technology - this is a false flag show to work up fear in the population. Let it build anger rather than fear. Stop letting people get away with things on your own little personal scale and then the big things will take care of themselves. The behavior of the players here is just plain wrong - open the light box and let us truly know. No more secrecy - just tell us.

Third: No more secrecy - just tell us. Another article to flip through - but first ask - who are they protecting from what? In my mind - they cheated and changed the rules when they didn't give us the real scoop on the Kennedy assassination in the context of history. All the principals (and principles) are now dead - LHO was not a solo show. The amerikan public seems to take the Oliver Stone version as gospel - MSM lies and legitimately calls it fiction when it serves their purposes to tell a certain view of any story.

So - the only way to get there is to do what you do. If you are still reading, then we are on the same reality track - the object is to get enough people on different trajectories that are all doing what they want to do in the way that they know to do it. Training requires a new modality that is completely different than the one that brought us issues one thru three today. I no longer feel obligated to announce my intentions - only to formulate them in terms of a distribution system of real knowledge in many fields. Become the resident expert in your own favorite field and think hard about the truths and myths that dominate the context through which that field is taught. The nuance can be framed - take the time to build your own frame - using the best of the old and the best of the new.

For my own personal tracking - please leave a comment. Point howdt one issue where the powers that used to be have pulled the wool over the eyes of the sheeple. Link to your site or use anonymous to make your identity known. just say anything. i am working on a separate metric system and wish to test some waters here (metaphysically speaking)

July 10, 2010


White fish swimming
In shallow coated ponds
Appreciate air and water
As functions of life itself

Seeking wisdom
We approach the gate
Differentiating truth itself
In integral proportion

Another summer day passes
Change enters beside itself
Patterns form to elucidate
Many questions configured

A still mind clarifies itself
Conjuring harmonic keys
Placing puzzle pieces
Where white fish swim

2010 lemme howdt

placed in creative commons

July 03, 2010

Retiring from the Bloggosphere

Nobody reads and comments on blog posts anymore - we have too much to do within our social networks that continually place information in our face. I don't do facebook - the agenda is MSM twisted - politically unpopular friends get buried in the volume of the friends they wish you to have. Fluff drives the word. Anyhow - much more important things to do, so this blog will be in backseatville. Tune into Existence or take two aspirin (b.h.) and call me in the morning. Dr. Lenny

June 22, 2010

Pushing the envelope

Why are we not surprised at the latest in neo-fascism. It seems that the supremes have little clue about the science, but major effect on the playing field. IMO, genetic engineering is a Pandorian Box that once opened has allow a cat howdt of the bag. Putting that cat back is beyond our ken, so we now have to live with the results. I still want a GMO lichen made from oil eating fungi and gulf of mexico lichen.

The time has come for we the people to petition for redress from an howdt-of-touch grubbermint. Everything is a local issue and getting life together on the small scale is the only thing that will keep us going when the big system get to overwhelming mode. Which may just be yesterday...

June 18, 2010

Forest Collaboration and Consensus

My friend Joseph and I had a conversation yesterday on the topic of consensus politics. Having served on many panels and committees representing the people for the grubment - i know the ins and outs of the process very well. I was president of a watershed council that pulled 17 different interests into a solis group for restoration of fish passage throughout the Umpqua Basin. Today's article by Wuerther tells the story of enviro sell-out by people that do not understand the process, or are too greedy for their own ideas to really represent the Gaian viewpoint.

This is our only earth. The trees metabolize carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. A newly planted tree sequesters very little carbon. Old growth eco-systems have a common balance where everything works for all the players involved. Logging is not necessary, but reducing fire danger by thinning is a means of elongating forest continuity. We need our forests smelling clean, not smelling of burnt chainsaw oil. However, if we have to use chainsaws, let's put mushroom spawn into organic oils and reseed the forests with the mushrooms that catalyze forest growth.

June 17, 2010

Chirton Bottom Crop Circle

This link sends you to the latest crop circle found in Britain (june 16). Note that there are eight rings and the broken central ring seems to imply and infinity with a twist rather than a link breakage. I can think of several places that i have seen similar fractals - to me this may imply the essence of cell division. What's your spin?

June 16, 2010

Grange II

While on this topic - allow me to introduce Annie Green Jeans and her blog! I met Annie in California this past March and she is one dynamite spark-plug for the Grange movement. Seems like Annie reminds me of an old blog friend Sunni. Good ideas, good times.

Here is an example of material from Annie's site. It is well worth the read.


Hey - I do hope we all "Start seeing Farmers" …around town, around our county, around our nation… small farmers that is - ones that grow "real food"!!!

There is an exciting new farmer movement - young people who realize that farming is sexy & that feeding people is where it is at - for survival into the next human phase.


Come on farmers - stand up & be counted! WWOOFers, PERMACULTURISTS, TREE PLANTERS, Green Uprising Farms all…


Why do we need a farming revolution? Yep, since the 1970’s (or earlier) we have been losing the ancient farm web - a structure that fed all of us for millennia. In just a few decades, we became dependant on Big Ag. Large farms are not feeding us in a healthy way, they are part of the corporate food complex, creating obesity & health concerns with the use of fields & choice of crops. Too bad for everyone… It is about Government Farm Subsidies as much as anything else.

A decade ago, an American woman's waist, on average, was close to two inches smaller than it is today. Eighteen year olds are at least 15 pounds heavier than they were in the 1970s. That is a bad start on adult life & habits.

One reason is federal subsidies for food production.
Check out these numbers:

  • Meat/Dairy -- 73.8 percent
  • Grains -- 13.2 percent
  • Sugar/Oil/Starch/ Alcohol -- 10.7 percent
  • Nuts/Legumes -- 1.9 percent
  • Vegetables/Fruits -- 0.4 percent

That’s right – just 1.9 percent for nuts and legumes and 0.4 percent for fruits and vegetables. As a result, a salad often costs you more than a Big Mac.

Follow the money - & it should come as no surprise that federal subsidies for certain kinds of food will directly influence the production and subsequent consumption of that food.

As you can see in the list above, the US food subsidies are grossly skewed, creating a diet excessively high in factory-farmed meats, grains and sugars, with very little fresh fruits and vegetables or healthy fats from nuts and seeds.

The food crops currently subsidized are corn, soy, wheat and rice. What do you end up with?

A fast food diet!


It’s quite clear that the farm bill creates a negative feedback loop that maintains the status quo of the standard American diet, which is directly responsible for our current epidemic of diabetes & obesity. By subsidizing the farming of corn and soy, the US government is actively supporting a diet that consists of these crops. And, the food processing industry is using the bulk of these crops to either feed animals before slaughter or to be used as foodstuffs in their processed form - so what we are getting for all of our tax supported farm subsidies is a lot of high fructose corn syrup (GMO), soybean oil (GMO), and grain-fed cattle (GMO) – all of which are known contributors to obesity and chronic diseases.

(See my reminders that the vast majority of these two crops are also genetically modified, which in and of itself is a major health hazard that has hardly begun to play out in our lifestyle or timeline of health & genetics of future generations)

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is perhaps the most obvious example of how the farm subsidies are destroying our health, as opposed to promoting the production of food that is actually worthy of being called “food.” I’ve done a few rants (posts) on this subject, http://anniegreenje admin/post. php?action= edit&post=406 and it is all over the information field that this stuff is bad news. I am traveling right now, and (am not in my normal zone of food selections - including homemade salad dressings, natural ice cream, carefully chosen foods - even is they are from the Grocery Outlet)…checking a few labels from my friend’s cupboards, I find that the proliferation of corn syrup is amazing! It is truly in almost everything.

I am sure that when I was a kid - hot fudge syrup did not have corn syrup to sweeten it (of course we didn’t have it in our cupboards actually - only as an occasional treat from the dairy queen), so those recipes have been altered & I bet - are much cheaper to make without regular sugar. Funny - to think we have come to a point where “sugar” is considered a “healthy alternative”. Yikes! Everyone - check those labels & refuse to buy that stuff…maybe we can get it off the shelves if we just don’t vote with our dollars. Cheap food is not better if it kills us sooner…

Get involved with your food. You don’t have to be an activist to make a few healthy choices at the grocery store. Your budget can handle it. Your kids will thank you when they don’t get diabetes.

Reconstructing the Grange

As the uberstructure collapses, the time has come to start building an alternative infrastructure. The Grange is an organization that already exists to support husbandry of the land. While many people take this to mean animals, plant husbandry has been around since the time of Gregor Mendel.

Dr. Lenny was elected Monday to be a representative to the Oregon Grange Convention in Roseburg next week. My goal is to support a Grange Renaissance by creating a location where people can come together to build community. We are going to have to meet our own needs in area like clothing, educating, feeding and entertaining ourselves locally - the Grange offers meeting halls, kitchens and opportunity.

The Grange also offers history. We are a self-sufficient group that is looking for responsible people to lead the change of lifestyle. As peak oil leaks into the gulf, and bailouts to the connected few foreclose on the American lifestyle, we need to come together to act locally while thinking globally. Join your local Grange to meet good people that wish to do great things within their home communities.

PS - Dr. Lenny joined the Grange in January : after a year of checking them howdt. Only you can make it really work for you. I will make it work for me. Good people, good philosophy.

June 14, 2010

Blatant Fascism

Everybody should own their own business, If you are responsible for doing something, you should be the person receiving the benefits. The government should not be standing in your way. Now listen to this important announcement from Donna.

I am not certain that writing to your congress critter will make a single iota worth of difference. But seeking howdt good products and supporting local enterprise will make the whole difference in the long run. Make something that people are willing to trade for and you have a home (closet) business.

A moment of remembrance of fallen heroes

Quote of the Day: The Constitution was based upon the fact the federal government had exceedingly limited powers. It was only allowed to do eighteen very limited things -- the enumerated powers, period. And everything else belonged to the states and the individuals to regulate. - Peter McWilliams

A personal message from Jim Babka . . .

Best-selling author Peter McWilliams died ten years ago today, June 14, 2000.

I remember when I heard the news. I can still feel the sickness and anger that I felt that day.

I didn't know Peter personally, but I admired him. Some of my colleagues were good friends or acquaintances of his.

Peter was an eloquent champion of limited government and personal freedom. But his life was cut short by the War on Drugs. The federal government denied him the medication he needed to live and thrive.

What he went through, I wouldn't wish on anyone, let alone my family and friends. But we have it in our power to prevent similar tragedies from happening to others. Please tell Congress to return to the Constitution, and end the insane War on Drugs.

You may copy or borrow from the following letter . . .

Today marks a cruel anniversary in the barbaric history of the War on Drugs. On this day, ten years ago, the federal government caused the death of the best-selling author Peter McWilliams.

Do you know his story?

* In 1996 Peter was diagnosed with cancer and AIDS
* The medications he needed to treat these diseases caused extreme vomiting, and he could not keep them down long enough for them to work
* That same year, Proposition 215 legalized medical marijuana in California
* Under the recommendation of four physicians, Peter started using marijuana.
* The marijuana controlled his nausea, restored his appetite, and allowed his medications to work

Marijuana saved Peter's life, for the moment. This led him to fund research into medical marijuana and to start a business supplying it to buyer's cooperatives. The DEA took notice, raided and trashed his home, and even confiscated his computer, which contained the manuscript of his latest book.

Peter was charged with being a "drug kingpin!" And then, he was hamstrung, legally. The federal judge in the case took away his defense, barring any mention of . . .

* California's medical marijuana law
* his terminal illness
* how medical marijuana allowed him to keep down his medication and prolong his life

While the legal process dragged on, the government prevented Peter from using the marijuana that controlled his nausea. Peter was required to pass drug tests. He complied, even though his life was at risk, because . . .

* Peter's mother and brother had to put up their homes as collateral to post his bail
* If he failed the test, their homes would have been seized by the government

Peter's health deteriorated until he died at the age of 50. The vomiting had taken a tremendous toll on his alimentary canal, as well as his heart, and even his teeth. Despite the suffering, he never lost his sense of humor. And the reason I most admired him was that he felt sympathy for his tormentors, rather than rage.

Marijuana saved Peter's life, but the War on Drugs destroyed it.

Peter's most noted book was "Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do." It promoted the idea that each person can do whatever they please with their own bodies and property, so long as they don't interfere with the right of others to do the same. So let me ask you:

* What business is it of yours what people choose to do with their bodies and property?
* Where in the Constitution is the federal government empowered to deny people like Peter McWilliams the medicine they need?

Sadly, Peter wasn't the only victim of your War on Drugs. He was just one victim among many. The long list of your victims includes . . .

* terminally ill patients for whom marijuana (or some other illegal drug) could ease pain and nausea
* people with psychological problems for whom now-illegal drugs could help calm them or clear their minds
* young people whose futures are ruined not because of drugs, but because of a "criminal" record
* innocent adults and children on our streets, in Mexico, and across the world caught in drug turf warfare
* innocent victims of no-knock SWAT raids and asset forfeiture
* young people who get hooked on drugs precisely because, unlike legal drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol, they're available to be bought and sold on the streets and school grounds

The United States leads the world in incarceration rates, mostly because of non-violent, consensual crimes like drug possession. Apparently President Obama wants even more people in prison. He wants increased funding for interdiction, law enforcement, and the continuation of bloody drug wars across the border.

I suggest you do something else. Read and learn from Peter's books - especially "Nobody's Business." And then put an end to this stupid, immoral, and unconstitutional War on Drugs.