June 29, 2012

Ocean's aweigh B reel

   There are way more information streams than there are information rivers.  The information ocean contains all the information that is out there - we just have to sift through the material and evaluate the wheat from the chaff.  Unfortunately - it is all chaff.  The wheat was stolen ages ago and the fox have been tending the hen houses rather well until recently the card foundation turned up.  We noticed.
   I can feel information flow through me like a gravitational filter.  The solvent carries knowledge forth and the framework of personal architecture segregates what i wish to believe from what is out there in the information streams.  I can look at the source, then look at how the information was passed forth from that source.  If i know the level that the information comes from, i can later glean the same information off a different level and gather the amount of spin that is between the two levels.
   Each playing field is a different level - the information in one field is a fractal of the next field: the fields do not merge unless specifically intermingled.  Thus this blog serves as an information filter for you, because you get my spin and then can go and evaluate my sources.  Since i go retro and dive back into my own mind (along with my copious notebooks), I can see the development of personal thought through several iterations of the same ideas.  I swim in the waves of this ocean.
   Complexity is a function of order, not a function of chaos.  Chaos is rather simple - deriving order from the chaos is time-consuming, but you can put in your time whenever it is available.  You can only put in as much time as you have.  You control your own time.  If you sell that time for income in order to live, then you are missing the whole boat of the next game in town.
   Imagination and vision are two contexts that can be brought together, when you have the time to think.  If you are harried by the way of life; change the way you weigh things.  Do the things that have personal value to you as the priority items that you have to accomplish.  Live vicariously through your own life, seeing with two eyes and hearing with two ears - but speaking with one voice in many tongues.  (Note that talking is half as important as listening: one mouth, two ears)
   Peace involves losing track of some of the items that other people feel that you should keep track of.  Guess what?  We do not live for other people.  You have made some deep soul commitments to share time on an interpersonal level, while that time lasts - enjoy it, but do not become attached.  The surf's up on the info ocean, which is about to hit free fall stage.  Keep your bearings and watch (preferably from the ground (or atop the cosmic surfboard riding the crest)).  Or both, at the same time.
   Depends on ground, the peaks and the valleys : what you value, what you have and what you want.  As a thespian - it says film thyme:  'B' Reel.  Interested wyck?
   Be real   Namaste'    doc

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