June 30, 2012

Time Travel - 1

   I see that they are messing with time again : tonight, a leap second will be added to the world to make offset. Note from the link url that this is what passes for finance news these days.  Shake your head, whinny and take another sippa joe.  The only way that things can drastically change is by adopting a new calendar (or a very old calendar, one with baktuns).
   It is alternate reality day today - nothing is ever as it seems.  The distant roll of tires and the dog barking got the roomie up, but there was no there there, no people.  The black kitty came and provided purr therapy, my third session today - i am blessed.
   Every human person should have a familiar, an animal person that shares space and time.  Aligning interspecial frequency allows us to grok personality and allow knowledge transfer - water provides the pathway through essence.  Molecules of essence are called pheromones and they serve as neuro-transmitters to pass along structural information.
   Peace is a transition state - a stage of higher resonant frequency that allows for heavier distraction to be left off the brain-map.  I have an allegory - two twice is four.  Four by four is sixteen whereas another four makes our grid number - 64.  'When i get older, losing my hair, many years from now' is today.  Not quite for me, closer for you.  Or further for you.  Age carries us to different portals.  Time is a GPS point on the map of eternal life.
   Sixty-four by four again is 256 and this is where i see signs of same : a fractal image that appears the same as it ever was, but on a different order of magnitude.  If you have a lattice system of 255 areas (256-1) and allow only a connect maximum of three 'hops' per channel - how long before you have information on the lay of the land?  Start alone and each area has a random connect number to adjacent areas that are interlocked fractally, but not sequential.
   Okay - i know that i may have lost you.  The funny thing is - i only worked the four math jumps by power of two - a simple lattice.  If there are 15 start positions on the 255 area map - it takes all the players together four turns to have the map produced.  If you understand symmetry, each individual player can project the map on his own by taking his home area and spinning out duplicate projections - but the individual connect numbers will be unknown until seen by being there.
   If this numerology is interesting to you - i need some fresh eyes to rework old concepts, that no longer grok as they had flowed - and have me in a pickle because i hold no perspective outside this supra-mathic universe.  I am attempting to drop the ball; but it never reaches the floor by increments of half and half again.
   Namaste'   doc

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