June 27, 2012


   To take things as they are, at face value, is impossible without interpretation.  Once you say something to another person beyond yourself, that reality of you is transmitted to the core time being who places the increment onto your permanent record.  We work hard to think our thoughts, but action on those thoughts is the beginning of a sequence of events.
   Intention is important in action.  Sometimes it is nice to shift to inaction as the default parameter - but letting life zip you along rather than the converse leads to an awful rocky road.  I prefer the chocolate type of rocky road, with marshmallows and nuts and i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.  Is it just me who longs for the Good Humor man?
   As i get older, i get younger in my outlook - i want to treat every new personal discovery with a sense of awe.  There is a strong undertow to take the results of the pablum fed by the media and have them churn it, churn us, to come to a conclusion that bears no relation to the relativity of the situation.  There is much to see - it involves sacred geometry and numeracy rather than science and mathematics.  Oh, we need those too; we have to suspend disbelief in order to grok the current chaos.
   Some things are very stable, while others fluctuate extremely fast.  Higher frequency means more repetitions per second, but how do we attune ourselves to new shift parameters?  This is the topic of a book i am currently writing - which means that speculation here at the blog may change in perspective, a wee bit.  I am :  because i am; then, you are, too.  You and I can be together and apart at the same time.  We can hold contrary thoughts - but when the though must coalesce, it does.
   Let go of assumptions.  Look at things and measure them accurately.  Write down what you wish to recall.  Open your eyes, as though for the first time, as though for the last time - each time, time after time.  When you vibrate at a high enough frequency, the time being starts to take shape from infinite dimension.  
   Cognitive dissonance fades and the context of truth becomes clearer.  The ground is.  I feel the earth move under my feet - guess that happens occasionally when you live in an earthquake subduction zone.
   Shake it baby.   Namaste'   doc

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