July 18, 2012

Being Green

   With all due respect to Kermit the frog - today one finds that it is dangerous being green.  The Eco-movement has moved from protection of Gaia and prevention of damage, to cheer-leading for industry pretense.  The big greens lost my interest a decade ago - the little greens now toe the line in hopes of treading stormy financial waters.
   I had a good conversation with Buzz last week, who serves as a volunteer for a small green NGO.  The NGO part - non-governmental organization - is an elite designation that screams privileged busybody, by being a not-for-profit an NGO can turn donations into items without tax, as long as they 'further their mission'.  So each December, before the tax year closes, i get a call from Buzz or one of his buddies.
    As readers here know, this year (since September), doc has been minimizing the use of money in currency form and has been allowing the flow to run.  Without cash, there is also an escape of time - people are not constrained by the clock, if time is not accepted in monetary terms.  Magic happens when you believe in it - it never happens for non-magic believers.
   So tiny green org calls for an annual donation on top of dues and i don't just say no, i start discussing mission creep on the phone.  Mission creep occurs when the goals of the organization and the goals of the leaders of the organization do not coincide.  Sound familiar?  It is one thing that leaders avoid when they are show leaders and not motivators of people - the focus on accomplishing the mission.  You see - if the mission ends, the reason for mini-green dot org ends too.
   In the past couple years of this new decade, we have seen corporations designated as people.  Mega-corp never dies because it chews up executives and spits out carcasses.  Ike warned of the military-industrial complex absorbing government and education - 50 to 60 years ago.  Blink ... blink.  Back to green.
   People are highly adaptable and can do just about anything we put our minds to.  Nature, Gaia, the reason to be green, is having a really rough time.   As doc, i feel i can be a speaker for Gaia because of the dues spent climbing the ladder of the old game - corpo-kleptocracy.  I social climbed through service and got to play committee member in the hack and cobble game several times.  I have collected bugs from streams with kids and walked through fires swept wilderness with county commissioners.  I even bent the ear of a congress critter - Peter D.
    This is about me - green and you maybe green, maybe red, maybe blue.  We use colors to define ourselves.  We use images and pixels to define ourselves.  We use our jobs and our worth, our cosmetics and our screens to define ourselves in economic terms.  Not green terms.  Last i checked, i was still part of nature.
   We are stardust.  We are golden.  And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden.  Which is green.  Thyme is a re-definition of me to take a spun out escapee from CK land and reinvent him in terms of the green image - meta-physical style.  And the point of light at the end of the tunnel was the same soul standing there looking at the very same picture.  There are many paths to the same place.
   I will always be green, the Gaia green of Lovelock, in the fields of Sheldrake and McTaggard, singing with Joni and Carole and loving every person that catches my interest - whether human, feline, canine, arboreal or just rock.  My game is a fractal game within a game within a shell, an egg, an image.  
   I, who visualize in mathematics, will no longer define in mathematical terms.  Just like the way i finally defined time in terms that include no time component, i will accept natural math as real and keep to the sacred geometry of the 6th dimensional order (Clow, 2011, Alchemy). 
   I will take statistics with me as a tool of measure belonging to numbers, not math and i will keep the process of count, which is universal and not in the math domain.  Likewise, ratio is also a held concept; so for this exercise, plus, minus, times and ratio are allowed - with small numbers only.  I will use the tools of Syndex as the base operating system and the rules of games - game theory, group theory and quantum theory are all accepted constructs.  
   Physics by Haramein, with doc's tweaks - the PhD in inorganic chemistry demonstrates the ability to grok the rules to modify law, which requires statistical significance.  My doc is my arbiter - you can reach his website in the cross-lynx.  He is not consumed in the game - in fact, i plan to not mention it at all.  I don't believe he reads this site and my apprenticeship can serve as the model that gets reflected through all 256 facets of the crystal lattice.
   As above, so below and witching hour is currently designated as 8 am.  This will define the window of non-disturbance and the latter day is Galt time.  Start is at zero experience and level one for everybody and the board will always change.  The rules of the game are the rules of the game and doc is the immediate arbiter, until the player level excedes doc's NPC level on that world view.  
   There will be 255 world views and doc claims Speaker of Gaia green as his color group.  He is of the mole clan.  If you write your story, your personal history in five pages or less, we will have a process that interviews you and creates your avatar, based on your specification.  You will need this for the game that officially starts on Gaia's birthing day +1 - the 22nd of December.
    more to come ...

Namaste'   doc

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