July 20, 2012

Deep All-Brain

  Animal images resonate - wolf and owl transform with deer and mole.  It is part of a circular resonance of constructive interference - we vibrate at a higher frequency when we have our familiar present.  With the day out of time coming up next week (July 25th), i plan to test a theory that could have significant ramifications on our ability to handle change.  There is a critical mass that changes things in relation to a 'strange attractor' in chaos theory. 
  I learned a technique that should allow me to slip into 'no-brain' during my meditation periods.  I think that i can slip into an all-brain function simultaneously, as long as i can be at two places at once.  I have been remote viewing - so i know i can be here and there at the same time.  If it works, i buy time as though i were in a window where i can work with the clock stopped.  Of course, it may mean isolation for a year - 56,000 years in current time terms.
  Big numbers work very differently from little numbers.  If you grok the Libor rate scandal - the fraud is so big that it has to implode into an infinity.  Within spacetime - we are talking 9 order of magnitude of space in a second.  How many orders of magnitude of seconds is in a year?  60 seconds times 60 minutes is 3600 times 24 hours 90,000 times 365 days 34, 000 000 or 7 orders - sixteen total in a world where i have assigned 64 based on custom and I-Ching and Chess.  We could pay everybody in the world a thousand dollars a month and save money from the bail-outs and the frauds. 7 billion with three more zeroes is 7 trillion, which is on the same order of magnitude as the bankster option.
  So - it comes to the question that i posted at the Jefferson Agronomic Guild site the other day - Why should any individual be governed by a "contract" that he never signed, and that the other party can unilaterally revise at its pleasure? 

   i have chosen to stop playing - i have my own whirled to deal with here.  Ratios of small whole numbers and big picture quantum reality.  Shh, quiet - just collect yourself and watch without getting in the way - instead get in the weigh and measure twice to cut once.  Free-fall in zero gravity means we keep the moment that we carried in.  Symmetry allows us to reflect in many facets without the need to occupy! more than one of them.  But we can if we try.  Just may not come back.  Ciao    doc

PS  time is a construct - but we get to choose how many variable to allow and stay within that M-field.  I'm working with 256 - that is 64 with four fold symmetry - just like DNA codons folded with epi-genetics.  The grok is in the model chosen for presentation, not in the concept itself.  
   64 is 16 with four fold symmetry and we can handle that.  16 is four with four fold symmetry; eight is four doubled and eight is a Fibonacci number.  There are two timelines that have merged into the present reality (minimum) - but i expect that there will be only one emanating forth - like the sands through an hourglass - at either the beginning or the end, depending on our perspective.

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