July 31, 2012

Does crap = BS ?

Quiet is not the way of the whirled for this moment.  Even in the Quietest Moments, it is difficult to turn off the noise.  One of the challenges is to grok the complex meaning of words that are introduced to mean different things than the customary usage.  For instance - if i talked about Pandora in the past - we knew it had something to do with not opening the box.  Now Pandora means music station.

Problem is, that as much as i train Pandora to play my kind of music, they seem to want to add their commercial crap.  I like music to fit my mood - if i have Joni crooning, i like joan armitrading and carole king - i do not want screaming rock guitar.  If i thumbs down the rock guitar, then they give me more shit.  But no rock guitar when i do want rock guitar.  Pandora - Just play songs, forget the marketing.  Oh - it's a business model (damn george - he's always right on this).

So what business model is required to pull the plug from the game that doesn't work for most.  George has it working for himself; even though he preps, he doesn't want you to pull that plug - nor do most bloggers.  We need to pull the damn plug.  I guess in India, they found a way to do it.  If all the preppers move to India, the rest of us will drown, right.  Depends on how we define drown.

I have a model.  In fact, i have many models.  Systems act like other systems that have come before.  We make assumptions to fill in our beliefs, that are couched in the is that we already have.  You cannot break the barrier, if you do not push the barrier beyond its limit.  But the limits now are artificial and we really have no clue as to how things are really playing howdt. (News - yeah, right)

So we make it up on the fly as we go.  We sympathize with folks who say the same things that we like to believe.  We collectively put up with the BS - because we don't grok what's coming when the BS stops.  Know what.  I'm ready for the BS to stop. 

I turned it off, tuned it howdt and dropped off the edge of the whirled.  I get snippets, but they don't come together enough to make a story.  I can ignore the mainstream at my own peril, because if they figger me howdt, they will have to admit they lost control.  The illusion of control is more important than actual control - they really wouldn't know what to do with real control, if they had it.  So we live in pretend.  Or you do - because i can just be comfy and self-contained.  Howdt of Site, Howdt of Mind ... Howdt of Control, Howdt of Bounds, Look Howdt.

Shh,  It is now quiet Thyme - through the end of july ... Supertramp, slow ... please.  Pandora: no.   I think i will you-tube my music today - keeps me in the little bit of control that this illusion permits.

Namaste' ... doc

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