July 27, 2012

Doorbell Wanted

One ringey dingey , two ringey dingeys... and a gracious good afternoon to you - this is Ms. Tomlin of the telephone company   Is this the person to whom i am speaking? 

I have an on-line office at the Northwest Education and Training Institute - nweti.com .  I will be teaching on-line classes there this fall - beginning with a Water course called the Many Faucets of Water.  I have a private chat room, video conferencing, a forum and many other useful educational tools.  I do not have a doorbell.

The doorbell would be a small ringer application that could alert me to the fact that somebody has come in and wishes my attention.  It is not quite as personal as a receptionist sitting at a desk, but a jog that tells me to switch from the site i am at to the office would be extremely functional.  I figured that while i am manifesting things, a person that can program an electronic doorbell could be a wonder-gift for my new interactive gaming school.

Cars already have an ap like this called Siri.  I don't need a sexy voice saying , you have a visitor doc, but y'know, that would be my dream.  I would like the attachment behind the voice, just as a snuggle-bunny - wait - thought police ... don't go there.  That's, that's sexual harassment and three strikes yer howdt.

I am already howdt, which is why the educational game idea is so exciting.  We play our games to win.  As i pointed out elsewhere, only we humans can form a team of old limp pricks (OLPs) to change the rules and disqualify mean Greek athletes prior to the Olympics.  Why can't we compete without the uber-structure? 

Roger and Barry both played the game well.  The top of the game by the rules they were taught - their physical abilities attuned to the rigors of a half year season.  Those OLPs jealous of outstanding talent, altered the rules and threw up masque of false bravado - steroid drug use.  Uh - pardon me, but aren't these the very same steroids that our body makes naturally?  Things like testosterone and endorphins?  I still think that Pete got Nixoned because he channeled the personality of Ty Cobb.

But the OLPs control all the games now.  And they hoard the money and the pieces.  And they obfuscate the eschalaton - making rules up as they go to protect themselves from the little circus dog who likes to pull away curtains.  The rules are to keep you in your place - the world, Gaia - wishes for you to find your place in the sun, not in a cubby hole existence created for a psychotic manager who can't even provide an electronic doorbell.

Three ringey dingeys ... four ringey dingeys .... sorry, we're busy ... we're the telephone company - we can do anything. Mr. Vee Dahl, you shouldn't say such things.    Mr. Vidal ... no ...

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Doc said...

We mote the passing today of Gore Vidal, the brunt end of this joke from the late Lily Tomlin. Enjoy the new digs in heavenland. Gore.