July 03, 2012

Entertainment : Independence Day 2013

   Tonight on self-contained summer theater, doc will watch the dog fall asleep on the couch and bub will burn a steak on the grill.  Since there is no electricity, no energy and no infrastructure; the viewership of SCST has been sky-rocketing - tomorrow night, July 4th in the USA, people will be able to look up and see stars in the sky.  Some might be red or blue shifted.  The moon should also make an appearance.  Take your glasses off to see the Sparkles. (no george, tom cruise is not up there)
   Of course, you can only hear this broadcast on TNN, the Telepathic News Network.  Open your heart and let the light shine.  Claire Voyance is hear for the night shift - the future may be in store. Rumor has it that the kitties are ready to piss and spit vinegar at each other once again - the entertainment value, though, is mostly lost by the wound clean-up stage. 
   Nuff said - lights on tomorrow is at 5:35 am, kumbaya at 6:30 and a stroll to the waterfall at 10:30 for a mid-day shower, the major excitement of the entire week.  The walk will be over the river and through the woods - bring a treat for Granny.
   This has been Tom Morrow saying have a Good Yesteryear.

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