July 16, 2012

Game Theory II - 2 ( BEEP BEEP)

We as Mericans know how to count.  We like to be first because we can count to one without being wrong.  Have nothing, start at one.  Zero ... one.  Here is where the commonality stops - most people say two - the next number is one.  The whirled is a spiral without a beginning after you start, because it passes through Kurzwell's singularity and comes out the other side. Once you have found the needle in the haystack and slipped through the eye; Horus is your fraction keeper - base eight.

Happy 100th post to Leibowitz - lemme howdt made the first comment there this morning and explained a theme from imagination theater - doc is now from Hi-Ho, O-Hi-o and Snow W. may or may not be his mistress - nothing is as it seems, but the mining theme is what we know.  The image and the practice are so far away from each other, that i have my polar opposites for the Quantum Freefall -a fall that each player will achieve, when you grok the game.  Til then - we are collecting 100 monkeys, which is the equivalent of 144,000 people.  I am not going to define person, but let's just say that you are not one yet.  My chances of being correct are great, and a few real persons will read this and chortle.

Ask - what is Higgs Boson and why is the media so fascinated with the concept? It is the same level of excitement as when Monet approached a lump of clay, or Bucky visioning a new platonic solid.  Blank Slate. New Game.  Shuffle up and Deal.  (games never have to be fair, the rules just apply the same indiscriminately ... that's why its chutes and ladders and not just ladders.  Apples?)

Counting is progressing from one level to the next.  Games provide models where percentages can be determined in a statistically significant manner, because what to do can be done quickly and if the game ends, you shuffle and deal the cards again.  There will be 16 nodes and 255 areas (limited by byte size).  I require an IT dude that can assemble programs in different languages into a consistent whole - my programming skill is C and Fortran and while i grok the concept, i cannot do the work.  If you can and want to - this is an equity position and part of real world rather than game whirled.

To apply - write your story and post a comment response with a contact point.  The foundation will start distributing support when the benefactor arrives - til then it's just Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, off to work we go.  Fractal mining in every sense of the word and editing is just a sorting process.  So, to learn, one finds a master and sits at his feet as he expands and expounds.  Ramming speed.

Have you ever noticed that the same names keep popping up - especially once you notice.  I suddenly know a lot of Clif's - in many spelled variants.  Each one is not to be run over.  If you think in analogies, i have a good one.  Life is a cartoon and you are either Wile E. or the Roadrunner.  The cliff edge is four steps back and Beep Beep is milliseconds away.  Now, are you falling down or holding up?

Namaste'   doc

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