July 17, 2012

Game Theory II - 3 depth

Life deals the cards and we play the hand.  I was at the Shift Movement and i responded to a post with the poem that lemme just posted below.  I also had a paragraph of saying some nice things, because the shift is to a higher frequency and peace is one aspect.  Love is another - the Merkaba that guides me speaks very clearly on such topics.  The post went off into nether space, but never made it to the website.

This kind soul would always get upset at having to repeat a bit of work.  I spent the effort and received the skill involved, but lost the entire Syndex (universal symmetry) by not having the gratitude flow at the end of a complete job.  The ego has been retired and the non-post rolls off like a whale swimming through the ocean.  I love everybody, just the sense of wonder that i get restores the smiles.

Peace Village is coming and i have the smile booth.  Every smile will have a price, but most smiles will cost a nickel.  Then after the smile is received, we all get a bonus smile, because i am going to rebate the nickel.  Two smiles for the price of one and you even get your nickle back.

Some of us however, think we need a quarterback.  The sports that we watch are like gladiators for the empire.  I find the value in looking at sports and seeing measurement numbers.  The best players tend to have the best stats - but that does not always correlate.  After all, my team has now been Tebowed.  I say that with love and not derogatorily - the Jets are charmed and strange - just like the quarks that make up the now boson.

They had to find the boson to justify the cost of the accelerator.  We can achieve these speeds in our mind every day - we often do.  Boys will be boys and the wiring in the brain is not the same as girls - the overlay potential is not the linear sum of the two parts.  So - we can do more with the cards than just use the numbers on the face.  If we take out the queen of hearts from the deck, the pleigh falls fallow.  Unless we are building a house of cards.

That was what i did with my baseball cards in the 60's - i played with them. i colored on them - drew mustaches and beards and stacked them in all sorts of ways.  I flipped them down flights of stairs and matched them with others where the topic might be positions or colors or just teams.  Winner take all, but when the game was done, we halved the deck and played again.  I sold them to pay for a house, that was eventually foreclosed.

Smile!  New game thyme.  I plan to release a game a month for 64 months.  This months game is a personal quest.  I call my game doc's quest and the goal of the game is to launch quests for other people.  Ben's quest is to be the best baker in town - mmm i have interest because i like to eat baked goods.  Ben is 17 and will sub in for my son, who has his quest.  The notebooks hold the ideas, we generate the pictures and we share the adventure.  

If we don't want page four after page three, there is always an option - go to page 42.  The Occupy! movement is working on Occupy! 2.0 - i told Ben and Jttendra that i was working on Occupy! 8.0 .  I am now on Occupy! 34.0 and there are only 40 levels in the game.  Everybody begins at level 1 with no experience.  The game requires you to have a personal history.  I think we can all manage that - but can we write it down without lying to ourselves or embellishing (or understating) our roles?

Role Playing games are all consuming and we are told game playing is for fun and enjoyment.  Not for WORK.  A four letter word have come into my space - i will morph it to LOVE.  I love my work, I design games.  Come play with me.  The main game will be ready to roll on December 22, 2012 to celebrate the birthdays of 1) Gaia  2) Barbara Marx Hubbard  3) my best friend n. and 4) every person who is part of the Birth 2012 Celebration.  Mark your shift date - that is your new birthday.

There will be three pre-game interviews, one with doc - that will take place on-line.  The game is a game of games and the rules may vary from monopoly to candyland - from settlers of Catan to car wars.  My interview is know, the rev gets heart rather than mind and Rafi will picture your personal avatar - bring a good digital photo, if you wish.  He's real good and i like his pix.  doc's avatar is thanks to disney and is beyond an expired copyright - be careful because penalties occur for loose strings that tether back in time.  Lemme's avatar is the chrysalis crop circle - it will always be the spirit of me.

Ah, the eight is a witching area (an hour outside of time is area) - i took up editing to pay to pleigh.  Hi Ho - time to read and write:  work on level one while seeking level 40 - the fractal of games within games within games.  Tell your story, first to yourself.  Get it down - it is the initial cost of entry.  The model is fully developed and the universe knows what i need to get to the point of convergence.  Happy quantum jumping.

Namaste'   doc

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