July 23, 2012

GFP love party rokkt

lemme howdt got to attend a love party this afternoon - hastened into being by the Galactic Free Press.  lemme contributed to the piece of art you see above - which was part of white board therapy.  I never quite grokked how to choose my art form, but we were all one part of one and the high count reached 64.

Let us explore love, in terms of depth and breadth and length.  Unconditional unrequited love is the love of fellow man and as we are all one, also love of self.  It is not eros.  This love allows criticism from compassion.  It is the one that helps others turn off their fear response - no matter how difficult that can be.

I , we, us, me
Shall we dance?
You, they, else
Dance with us
We are one

The key resides in the heart and in the mind, the integration of separate hemispheres to achieve unity - no-brain or all-brain - but never a fraction of brain function.

Namaste'   doc

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