July 15, 2012

Hello, it's me

Home.  All I Want is the tune that Pandora gave me.  I have been to the ends of the universe and have determined the resonance of my ground state.  It includes using the technology and the system as a passive means to furthering the ends that meet the desires. Joni and music live for at least this bubble of thyme.

The disconnect is a reconnect and i now have the look from every perspective.  My time has been exchanged for an apprenticeship with the master wizard, a fool i'd be if i didn't take advantage of the opportunity.  The concept of Falling Up is firmly established in my personal reality.  I set the stage for the performance of a lifetime, and now i'd like to see the show.  It's Too Late Carole, the conception is over fur months spent and life is on its own schedule.

I appreciate that being love is different than being in love. The Landslide has been survived, Stevie, and the pages of creative flow are accessible by connection through the truth of unity.  I now grok harmonics in several senses and will look for parallels in the pop culture that we all grok, to tell parables to each age group.

If you could read my mind love, during my second vision quest i was hooked to the internet and having discussions with Stewie from Family Guy.  Thing is, i didn't watch TV at that time, and i had no idea that this one year old was an actual character - an Aspie-fizzle.  I can direct my attention along with my intention - and i now have needs to catch a time frame sequence.  Thing is, there is as much or as little time as we need, but the resources are to be co-mingled, such that you have something somebody needs, but what and how and why...

Time is not what we think it is, time is eternal and it is always now.  The blue motel room is one of my favs - not quite Twisted, but Joni is joni, my love idol.  I'll always love you - the universe will allow us to meet and greet.  My vision has been transformed to the point where love is the answer and i found that we have one word to describe forty-five sensations.

More life to live before i melt.  Voices Carry  Til tuesday   Namaste'   doc

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