July 29, 2012

Image is Everything

   How are we to come up with something completely different, yet remain in the construct of the old game?  So many of the mechanisms have turn to bait and switch: nobody believes anything except what they wish to believe. Okay - quiz thyme - who can name all five products or companies?
   Is this any way to run an airlines? (You bet it is!) ...  I can't believe I ate the whole thing ... Taste me, taste me, Come on and taste me - Take a puff and let me do my stuff ...   Better living through chemistry...  You can trust your car, to the man who wears the star...  The advertising was way better back then - the jingles actually jingled.
   I wonder if the commercials at the OLPs are going to be remembered by anybody down the road.  My Superbowl advertising memory is Janet Jackson's breast - which exploded a controversy that buried the memories of 9/11.  It doesn't take Sherlock to figure out that Holmes has some serious internal connexions.  They can set you or me up just the same way - watch the movie fx sometime.  
   What passes for standard intelligence is fairly moronic.  The depth of conversation that i can reach by turning down the volume of cacophony is amazing.  I feel embiggenned.  Each and every person (animal, vegetable and mineral), has a story to tell - a life history of learning the same lessons in different ways.  Our patterns fall into groupings, but no two snowflakes are alike.  Thank you for the deep conversations, yesterday, today and tomorrow.
   When we get down to a quantum level - there is you and there is all.  Both are one and each are different.  Neither is the real one, both are just one.  Cannot be subdivided.  We are here together, so we might as well be in love with ourself, because it is all we really know.  Everything from a group perspective through the eyes of an individual.  
   Well - I gots Science Eyes - i look at things and wonder.  My favorite toy is a wand of wonder that you flash it off and you don't know what is going to happen.  Harry Potter should have had one, but he did okay for himself (tho i never finished the series - sorry)  Anastasia also would have been good with one - my guess is that since her life is wonder, her staff would be ringing cedar and wonderful is not meant as random.  Fantasy can be used as a realm of discovery - a creative learning experience.
   Okay - pleigh thyme.  You have a 10 minute date with an angel who wants to know your personal story, in images - a how did you get here from there type of run.  In order to be honest with yourself, the angel already knows your life story en toto.  So the game is spin - how do you come off as you at the key decision making points in your lifetime.  
   Super Mario can be the guide to my life.  One roller coaster ride after another - starting at Dorney Park.  But that's my story.  I have already been in conference with Stewie and Bugs Bunny - the mind can make anything real and the heart can accept anything but being broken.  Love repairs broken hearts.  Love yourself and start refining your tale - as tho this were Canterbury.  Image is everything.

Namaste'   doc

   PS : I couldn't remember the name of the airline -  it was not Panam makes the going great.  The other four are Alka-Seltzer, Doral, DuPont and Texaco - Jack Benny.  Made you smile - enjoy the deigh.

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