July 02, 2012

(Inter)-National Blogging League

Applications will be accepted for the (Inter) National Blogging League 2013 season.  If you are interested in a fall kick-off warm-up season, have your blog analytics collated from yesterday July 1 through the end of August and there will be a four month football season that serves as a warm-up and a test for the monitoring metrix.  There will be an invitation process - self-invite is the first step of the process.  I use a radar screen approach and can integrate ideas - but i need to have a complete model by December.

Prediction - somebody reading this post will rush out and copyright or patent the league title to have jurisdiction over the idea in a court of law.  We will have to have a 'You-be-the-judge' polling segment in order to correllate behavior with the general mood swings of the sheeple if we keep the just us system of the collapsible whirled.  So no intention goes out to the legal system - you buy into the rules as they come and the pleighers will figure out a system. 

Current system models the NFL and doc gets the Roger Goodell role.  Prosecutor, judge and jury - but i will listen to reason.  I have a good rapport with the commissioner's style - i attended Washington and Jefferson College concurrently to his stay there.  One of the face-less anonymous... Hey - y'know - mebbe the NFL can co-sponsor my blogging league.  What an interesting means of falling up...  (Dreaming is encouraged in the Howdtlands).

namaste'    doc

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