July 20, 2012

Kitties are good People

  The indoor cat and the outdoor cat are working on their relationship this morning and i get to play human in the middle.  Ownership is not a concept in kitty world, but jealousy apparently is, as the guard is in the window frame.  Let me take a moment to suggest that i am not all here - and to explain the Black Kat Network.
  Cats have different audible purrs that tell their vibration state.  This appears to be at a way higher frequency on the Zen scale - the rhythm of feline movement is art in motion.  The chuff seems to be a super-high that only comes after they let down their guard - when your cat chuffs you, it trusts you entirely, as a human.  Not as a cat though.  Notice that in a group setting, the cat will attempt to perch at eye level - to be in the circle with us.
  The BKN is a channel of the new media - black kat network.  The network works through black cats and common connection to the non-random thought of all black cats.  Thus if i wish to ping another black cat owner, i just talk to my cat.  Cats grok human language - don't let them fool you.  Watch a cat with a baby sometime.  I can also 'phone' home when i am away.
  Cats seem to have Zen brain, which is no brain on steroids.  Once in a task, the neurons close and the cat automates - concentrated focus.  Cat claws are very sharp and cats do not like to be jostled out of zen.  Cats respond to love frequencies and get very animated when they think we speak cat.  
  Thus having two cats in my first person life - who are fairly new to each other - brings for some high psychological theatre as a sidelight to my day.  Each one has spent lap time and it is barely past eight.  By the end of the game - i think they will be inseparable buddies - but not quite yet.  
  It is a ranking game and that type of game is low on my priority list.  Cats know all the cat rules and those are the only instincts that they listen to.  I learned to speak cat with Vester, then had London to guide me at the farm.  Never could get a second farm cat - natural selection on a grand scale - London was 14 - 1993 thru 2007 - a grey ball of fir, but not a very large cat; i'll find a photo.  Animal familiars are good conscience keepers.

  Well, life goes on.  Enjoy the weekend.  Namaste'  doc

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