July 21, 2012

Meet the dwarf

  Somehow, it seems backwards.  Nobody really knows what is going to happen, but everyone seems to think they know what cannot happen.  Is everything that constitutes change really off the table impossible?  I can't do that - You can't do that - ping - another bubble popped.  Why?  Misery loves company.

  Steps are easy, but social stigmatism is difficult.  The difficult part of turning off the TV in 1993 was being lost for the morning conversation around the water cooler/coffee pot.  I had a new 5-acre farm and a good job - i had invented a new process that worked and was all set to play the game and get howdt from debt.  I took a second job in the evenings to make ends meet and to meet new people.  

  I was taught that you did service in return for your good life.  I had interest in developing community and a brand new 2nd child - somehow, i had already made the choices that were destined to frustrate me.  I had to move from type A personality to type B and slow my pace by about an order of magnitude.  I moved from embedded nurture to direct nature without any gap - returning to the imaginary shangri-la where i spent my latter learning days.

  Who was it who said that you can't go home again?  I never looked back - the mental images always brought the wrong pictures - memories that weren't mine, that i shouldn't have ruined what was an otherwise reasonable experience.  Who to blame - anyone, everyone, just not me.  I am the source.

  I am the source, the point of light that creates the vibration that resonates as doc.  lemme howdt resonates at a different frequency, - a wise man once suggested lemme b. hin - it wasn't where my timespace was at.  Now, i can see how Sybil must have felt - the chance to remove view has taken on a completely different aspect in the new realm of time.  I wonder if the Salvia d. had something to do with it.  Or the Ormus.  Or the general hive brain, taking a leap through the gestation period of the chrysalis.

  Love helps.  Love one and then love one.  When you can love the yin and yang of one, then somebody will join you to make two.  When young, two make three - my parents somehow knew to go to five, but my wife never grokked the concept.  The spiral broke, four was an off number, so we reversed direction and went 'off the deep end' with howdt tether.  lemme was my rope - a horrified person who didn't like the mirror he saw - a frayed knot.  doc is a new string in my theory, a happy go lucky Hi ho, hi ho dwarf - stout and resolute.  And kinda tired of Dopey, if ya know what i mean.

Namaste'     doc

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