July 06, 2012

Testing : one, two, three, for ...

   The original title to this post was the Agronomic Kernal Froze.  (Then the thought channeled out.)  or is that Colonel - he was out standing in the fields.  At any rate - the use of spoken word and the translation into written word have two different meanings when you get down to trying to decide if what you watch or read is true.  I have decided that the criteria for truth are rigorous, and not that difficult.
   First - does it meet the smell test.  Basically - does the statement fit into the belief system as i have stacked the house of cards, or does it conflict with some other rung in the stack.  If there is no conflict, there is no question, so i don't really think about what i smell, unless it stinks to high heaven or is aromatic bliss.  A subtle perfume on the right woman keeps me lustful engaged, but not in a restaurant - food and love smell differently.
   Second - does it meet the count test.  Do the numbers add up on an order of magnitude scale?  The idea of throwing around big numbers as though they were little numbers confuses most people.  We have a three digit capacity, so millions to billions to trillions is a banksters dream because people think that is three orders of magnitude rather than nine.  When you are scraping to save a buck, well that's another six orders away from the first million - at some point the number of zeroes becomes irrelevant.
   The reason i don't play the game is that the cost of living is trivial for everyone on this scale, but the banksters just stole all the stuff.  With impugnity.  And the aid of the politicians and lawyers and most of all the educators.  The game is going to change - life cannot play at this order of magnitude with concepts like trillion dollar eternal debts.  The system doesn't pass the count test.
   Third - the feel test - which hand is my information on.  Somehow, i don't think i'm talking left and right here.  First hand information is always valid.  If you were there for the experience, i will accept your account verbatim and tease out the embellishments with you later.  We try to get it right, but we all see things from our own point of view.  This is different and a real key.  We can see things from different perspective, watch the same thing and walk away informed differently.  It lies in the interpretation, and if you download to me, that is second hand, still valid for me, but since i wasn't there with you, i can remain skeptical.  It doesn't mean that i don't believe you, it means i wasn't there.  Third hand information is called gossip.
   You can remote view to get information - talk to Rodger.  Sometimes, you will not like what you see, but it is remote view, not remote act and the validity depends on the handedness.
   Forth - The sense test.  Sometimes you just recognize that truth is truth.  It has that capacity.  We like to lie to ourselves in little ways to make things easier to grok or handle, but we know when we can only mostly believe the words that we say.  The conflict of telling little white lies to spare peoples feelings is a pain delay mechanism that sometimes snowballs because the lies get forgotten, but never corrected and they build the foundation cards with bad data.  Real truth may nail a fact that is key to the structure of thought that we have built, but when it goes, we have to throw the myths away.
   This is why time went into my flux box - it didn't hold up to the test of thyme.  When i had my second NDE, it was because i couldn't mentally handle the conflict between the two worlds that had me in a yin/yang - i defaulted and was taken back to the central place and shown some of the chorus of nature.  Flashes and episodes revealed truths - at the time i called the NDE a vision quest, because it was more familiar vocabulary.  
   The insight garnered here by putting this down on screen gives me motivation to take the next step in my journey.  Rumor has it that a malware game is going to boot many people from their net access this weekend.  If all things across these channels stop - what we have as a silicon knowledge base will be locked and the written history will deviate from the spoken history even worse than one might expect.  A lot of our fantasy movie world will be accepted as facts about our lifestyle in future days - this has been manipulated now to give us a common false dichotomy.
   School is what we make it - i have an idea for reconfiguration - send 1$ per move to doc PO Box 133 Igo CA 96047-0133.  Unmarked envelop, no return address, only cash - any currency equivalent accepted - one unit lowest denomination of paper money - include an index card with queries, snippets and leads.  The Zone will serve as an howdtlet as long as access remains; the work to regain access will not be attempted.  Teasing truth from the vast stream flow of valid information is a mole task.  This is a news network - good for PR and the equivalent concepts.
   Namaste'   doc

PS - doc does not use money - therefore it appears safe to trust him with it.  We are interested in seeing if the variety of different currencies matches the statistical distribution of location data that google analytics provides on this blog.  Call it an integrity check - one of two forms of check accepted here.

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