July 12, 2012

We pause ...

... the trip to blog because I have computer access.  I attended a Birth 2012 event in Roseburg, OR at Mystic Earth last night.  The group started with 13 people and grew slowly, like a pregnancy to a size of 21 people over the next 45 minutes.  The group interaction was high frequency and light spirited and i now have several new colleagues.
   I intend to write this event up as a news article - the media is whatever we make it and news is just things that you haven't heard before, different from the same old.  I no longer watch network television and i will be abandoning all old system information collection.  Connecting to the Shift network thru the shift movement means changing the way we respond to stimuli.  
   Success - No blame - Perseverance furthers. It furthers one to have somewhere to go.  Thus the superior man stands firm and does not change his direction.  The game is on - the boy will put it together too quickly, but that's okay as the intention has been set and the universe comes through, although the form is not quite what was envisioned when the set-up was started.  Morph is more than just a cat.
   On borrowed thyme here - the computer is required for a work day that starts in 20 minutes.  I expect the blog will be resonating at full fury again by the end of the weekend.

Namaste'   doc

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