August 31, 2012

Our LOSS is your gain

     The Organization for the Advancement of Knowledge and the Oregon Natural Resources Research Institute announce the formation of the League of OAK Solution Scientists - LOSS.  The purpose of the League is to form an alliance to ask the pertinent questions that are not being asked.  I can think of at least a dozen questions that relate to the trashing of the planet and the lack of intention to clean up the mess.  What other species fouls their nest, then lies down and rolls in it?
     LOSS will collect scientists that are ready to answer some tough questions about life, the universe and everything.  LOSS will circulate a petition that addresses the lack of concern about exposed spent nuclear reactor rods, which have the potential to create Plutonium.  LOSS will ask the questions about geo-engineering - the idea that we can battle the sun by poisoning ourselves for Monstrosity profit.  LOSS will question the progress of removing oil from the open gash at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.  Our LOSS is our gain.
     Doc will serve as the Commissioner of the League until there is a critical mass for the right leader to tarry forth.  Every person with a university of college science degree is eligible to apply to LOSS for membership - the e-mail address is losssolutions at .  Activity will begin yesterday, major launch happens at self-existing yellow star, September 13 - two weeks.  (Queen & Bowie - Under Pressure)
     In addition to LOSS, there is the potential to develop other Leagues as well.  For everyone who wants to support LOSS, but doesn't qualify based on education, there is another way into the group.  The League of OAK Verisimilitude Evaluators will be the data collectors for the scientists (who live day after day with their heads in the clouds).  LOVE always finds a weigh.
     LOVE is the answer to the questions of how to change the world.  As the scientists question every bit of knowledge that we think we have, LOVE will measure the depth of human experience and bring about a change in the amplitude of the vibration.  The prism of life involves high-energy people doing and low-frequency people complaining.  It seems that changing perspective is the beginning of Peace.
     You can join us in LOVE at the same eddress as LOSS.  The two organizations will be a yin/yang of perspective - science and spirituality working together to determine truth.  The alteration of common reality  has got to make common sense - the tools that we develop through LOVE will make up the means to replace LOSS with GAIN - geographic amplification initiative : Numbers.  Once we figure out what is true and what is false in the scientific data base black bag, we can bring forth the zero-point energy of Tesla or the water flow energy of Victor Schauberger.  We can recover the wisdom of Walter Russell and remove the memory hole created by the sequestration of knowledge in the (pseudo-legal) patent system.
     But there is no GAIN until we experience LOSS and work through LOVE.  See ya soon.

Namaste'   doc

PS - perhaps we can also form Bloggers in the Ecosphere and add a BITE to the picture.

August 30, 2012

Jefferson State Hemp Expo

 The SOJ Flag
 Michelle Bellamy : on Stage !!
 Future Power Tower ?
 Tomorrow's Still from TheGoodEarthOrganics
 Art Glass
    All of a sudden, here we are.  Little of what we know makes sense and all of what we know is set to saddle us up and ride us into oblivion.  As Hunter S. Thompson once said, When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.  Doc likes his lot right now - but today has been frustrating, because the technology vibrates at a much lower frequency than eye due.  So enjoy a few shots of last weekends festivities - which kept the Peace.
   Doc has a lot to do in a short period of thyme, so if he gets too far howdt there, please reel him back in.  TY

A Parable

     This story is about two chess players, the master and the acolyte, playing again for the umpteenth time.  The Master plays Black, the acolyte has White.
    The acolyte has never won a game, but keeps at the game because he wishes to learn from the master.  There is a sequence, a trap, that takes a specific order of moves, but the master seems to be playing along.  The acolyte sees the flow and the form and takes a bold play – sacrificing a knight to open a key pathway – the master accepts.  By calculation, the error, accepting the knight offer, leads to a forced checkmate in 13 turns.  The acolyte has his first win, but the game must be played out until the master sees that he is lost.  The clock ticks, the master has yet to notice.
The thirteen moves become eight, yet the sequence is still noted.  Then five, but the master must have a trick up his sleeve, because chess is a game of honor and no player keeps playing a totally lost position.  At three the end is obvious, at two the game is over, in everything but the masters mind, he has never lost to the acolyte and is finally getting a grip that reality is not what it has always been.  Note the Goddess entering her temple. Even she knows the dark is lost.
      The old game ends on December 21, 2012.  The Shift Movement Network Birth 2012 party is set for December 22, 2012, the day the clock ticks out on the stubborn master, the end of A time and the beginning of B time.  The Mayan 20:13 Tzolkein calendar fits the fibonacci sequence and is compatible with the harmonics of Gaia for B time.  I have a new game – Quest 4 Knowledge – play-testing for 64 days this coming month – enough so that thisCosmic Yellow Star can launch a new game on the next Cosmic Yellow Stardate – December 22, 2012.  I can feel the goosebumps of peace resonating in the love.  Soon, the void, one eighth of the harmonic, will test the change from A to B, by creating a diversion.  Let’s create a happy Gaian birthday ; and Be at Peace.

August 29, 2012


Naked                  Salvia
Early morn
Cross river                Fly
Climb                    Swim
Soak                Cool Cold
                   Hot hot                 
Ahhhh                  Ahhhh
Ready                 Set go
    Two face             Other face
Two day                Today

August 28, 2012

Water I

The moss covered walls drip with perspiration as Gaia sheds her strength, in flowing water.
Video taken on a walk on the North Umpqua Trail, Douglas County, Oregon
Water, cool, clear, water
This place should also be familiar : the deep blue water of Crater Lake
A quarter turn around the lake - island is on far right
I can feel the breeze looking at this picture

Game Theory III - 64 $ Pyramid

   The photos are from Toketee - the North Umpqua Hot Springs.  The first shot is the main pool with a reflection of the cover, the second shows a bit of perspective and the third is a close up of the right panel.  I will need a different format to display the whole set - this is a teaser.
   Now that doc is back, things are going to change to accommodate the weigh the whirled works.  Doc will handle the day-to-day reports and lemme will become creative with the history.  We may move the blog, or we may just expand and blog in several different forums.  The idea is to note how certain blogs affect the statistics of the blog.
   The thyme frame has become clear and the doc will be very busy setting down the framework of the three games set.  We are looking at the 64,000 dollar Pyramid - a television gameshow derivative of the $64 Question radio quiz show.  I suppose these days, keeping up requires a 64,000,000$ pyramid.  Release date is cosmic yellow star, the day that Gaia births on December 22, 2012.  Birth 2012 is sponsored by the Shift network - should be a large party.
   The first 40 floors of the pyramid form a comprehensive K-12, College and University apprenticeship system  under the moniker Quest 4 Knowledge.  This is a role playing game that has application to reel life - a media company that will operate through jouneyvision tv.  "It's Doctor Lenny Time, with your host, Doctor Lenny Thyme" will feature the graceful Ms. Shelly Om as co-host.  If you feared Regis with Kathie Lee ...
   The top 16 floors are a sovereign community based on a modified Mondragon model that is mostly described at the Existence website.  Cash is not a tool - the system is a barter plus, where game rewards go to the player's community rather than the player.  The metrix form a score system that allows individuals to be ranked at their current level, so that there are leaders.  Decision making follows the leadership tree.
   The middle game is under construction - it is a creative build your own world role-playing game in the traditional sense, except that creative research will continually be upgrading the resources on all the worlds.   First focuses are agriculture and mining, and media development!  Cash flow is a major challenge - universe has allowed me a novel change of position and this will be one of the changes.  Thank you.
   Play testing is very specific - if you are interested, contact howdt at yahoo with 64 or pyramid in the post title.  The current game model shifts, but the structure is set and populating the space is the major focus.  Players earn time in the classroom, events are where advances work and the mine game at lower levels is about homework and sharpening the saw.  All pop culture is in play and creating media to share is the early focus.  Choices are wide open, but we are moving in time and space to a different frequency and life will change.
   Nuff for now.  More after real work re-orders my current chaos.

Namaste'    doc

August 27, 2012


   Swirling miasma : Splitting into divisions: thyme for the future - howdt with the past.  The present is now and i'm just doc.  As Bugs says, eh, What's Up Doc?  
   Answer is me, i'm up and the better the chaos, the simpler the apparent order.  I'll order a sandwich and fries with a chocolate milkshake. (Groucho)  My eyes are crossed and my tees are dotted - home after two weeks plus howdt means that life will never be the same again.  My B role and my A role are getting reversed again and so i must relish my freedom to develop perversity, as i can.
   Experience is a filter to see through the apparent, to grok the is of what there is.  I met five Josh's - is this any weigh to run an airlines? (You bet it is!!).  She's not a girl that misses much.  If one form doesn't fit, the next form will getcha - don't sweat the small stuff.  Guess what?  It's all small stuff.
   Wisdom comes from depth, not from experience.  The number of times is several deep questions all rolled into one.  Mathematics is a mystery school, there is more depth to the plane than there is to the plain.  I walk on water - i drink water - Mt. Shasta headwater is in my canteen now.  All of know is what we perceive and i value the love that extricates itself from the depths of passion.
   Y'no, i wanted it to happen so badly when it started that it became an all-consuming compulsion; but then when the opportunity met the reality, necessessity would have been presumptuous and i didn't because it wasn't the moment.  Majik man knows majik woman is on her way here - details to follow.  Heart at the Britt, next week and maybe Nancy (and Ann) will grok love of appreciation direct - timing is everything.
   World pleigh is word play skewed - knew weighs of sey (hey!) to grok the know, y'no.
Namaste'   doc

August 23, 2012

Warm Up

   Not home yet, but flowing south.  An early open computer found me, so it's time to get blogging again and be ready to hit the ground running from home.  I have 300 new nature shots and 200 Peace Village photos and many general photos to look at - might even have enough work to justify acquiring a copy of photo-shop. 
   I talked to a photographic artist recently and he was major bummed because nobody buys professional photography any longer - we all take pix ourselves.  He is right - if you don't have a camera, you can google the vacation site and clip the art that you find.  And portraits - well, just use your mug shot.
   Everyone of us has a dossier on them - it starts with a number issues for appropriate government use - the one the grocery stores wanted to write on the back of your payment when you showed them the proper ID.  See - if we add more rules that make our behaviors appropriate and proper, then we can be safe from terrists.  I get it.  Not.
   Raz has some good talk over on the parellel universe channel.  Save soldiers with nasal spray that contains steroids while banning baseball players from their game mid-season for taking steroids.  Mixed signals - love the message sent here - by the folks that bring us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness where we can be all we can be - a limb or two short.
   Everybody has answers to different question and questions for different answers.  Is it thyme to go viral?  No, not yet.  The spin flips when the resonance excedes the carrying capacity.  Time will get rough.  Obummer and the mittster will invade our privacy for the left and right to herd the middle together.  Get as far howdtside the muddle in the middle that you can. 
   I have an apprenticeship and have been manifesting my own apprentice, who will arrive as soon as i can feed a second person.  I need to bury myself in thought, because the gathering of information on this trip was an eye-opener.  I buried artifact #42 - one of a hundred that will be in physical cache - a prize worth all my heart.  It contains my love crystal, two quarters, a bite of peanut butter, an identity card and a few other things.  More on this later.
   42 is Douglas Adams' answer to the question on the meaning of life, the universe and everything.  I chose 42 as the first artifact number to use to honor my forebearer.  All of the knowledge in the world needs to be tested for validity and upgraded for context.  It is a major task - it requires many people doing what they do well, and not having to do things that somebody else can do for them. 
  I do chemistry - for most people that would be spelled chem mystery - i think that was by design.  Atoms are a simple concept, but there is too much piled higher and deeper in a high school level chemistry course that is based on imagination theater.  Who today, beyond John Lennon, has deep time to imagine?  I can create deep time - the new game is an extension of the old game, with a skewed spin.
   Love to say more, but day intrudes - back home by Sundae and a cherry on top.
namaste'   doc


August 12, 2012

2001 - A Thyme Odessey

Quiet is not quite silent - the music plays in an unconventional harmonic, keeping pace as a metronome, tick by measured tick.  The same stuff happens the same weigh at each increment - it should require the same energy to travel the same distance.  Talking heads - same as it ever was.

Except that it's not.  The pace quickens, the day rises, the sparkles flying across the sky are real, the rest of life provides the illusion.  Invisibility cloak on, the path of question and answer marches forth, as obligation to continue requires attention to minor detail, which turn howdt to be major renditions when history is rewritten in the days (daze) of future past.

Nothing is ever as it seems, but taken at face value, everything is what it is.  The one and the one don't add together - they enhance the nature of the experience.  It feels like the first time, because it is the first time for your second chance at what can be revealed that you didn't quite notice the first time through.  The vision of how it happens is not as important as the vision of what will be, que sera.

I treasure the friends that i have failed to keep in touch with over the years.  I lost touch with way more people than i have touch with, but sharing sparks of energy for a certain period of time left me with an awareness of their perspective, etched by the time that we shared in being.  We play games, we talk in depth, but after a while, attention always turned to a box of sorts.  Thyme to live howdtside da baax.

The weigh is a path of knowledge, of measuring and questioning and verifying reference.  The Quest 4 Knowledge will be the introduction to the weigh of the weigh - which is based on constructed illusion, well thought out by masters in their fields.  Each player registers their interest level in focus areas, in tangent areas, the focus will be used to spin the information into an acceptable lattice. Get a passport and keep track of the adventure.

There will be enforced symmetry to keep the lines from blurring between activity centers.  Each concept will eventually have a reach of 16 domains - one of which will be considered a home domain.  16 x 16 is a 256 lattice - the game grid is 8 x 8 with four polarities or flavors.

For simplification purposes - each personal domain is sovereign, the entire model is based on a Mondragon Cooperative.  Only two home domains will function initially - Doc has been restricted to Science and will have his own world in the designated RPH lattice - the ME lattice will focus around the folks in Mystic Earth network - Ben's Quest.  The means of handling information is currently developing - surveys and pop quiz should allow us to have information collection games that run in the background.

It is important to develop the game off-line - to walk the walk in real accomplishment, not myth created for readers in chairs.  Ben's world is focused on baking - i like to eat baked goods, i am a visitor to Ben's world in mystic's domain.  Ronald lives in his own world - he's nine.  He and his mom have a circular existence - i like ronald, but i don't allow him to pull stuff - he always tries.  The game has to have a role for Ronald, and has to know that that role is there, sacred through thick and thin.  Ronald knows Kirk - Ben's little brother, they play.  They invite me into illusionary realms and i wonder - where does imagination go , when it is cut off by schooling?

I went and found mine - a learning system based on feeding me correct information when i need it, to confirm the ability to weigh all sides of an issue - to get the concepts correct, because science and justice both have real roles in a democratic society, but very little else that i see is worth carrying rather than reconstructing,  We are responsible for our own thoughts, so train yourself to think the weigh that helps you make the best decisions.  I am off to achieve Peace.

namaste'     doc   

August 11, 2012

Because the earth is round

I cannot release Ore for the time being - so hold the thought.  This is the 2000th blog post at the Zone.

I have chosen to honor Gaia with nature in the form of two friends from years past.  You didn't mess with this rabbit; if anything was off, i got an irish jig until it was fixed properly.  The duck was the littlest, smallest reject that never would have made it in Darwin-skul ;she lived seven years and had a queen's attitude for the final three.  I learned a lot as acolyte under these two masters and thank them by allowing their memory to be subject of this post.  They were both London's buddies.  



Getting Ready to go Information Mining - The adventure into the cosmos is going to be extremely entertaining for what it is and also for what it is not.  My plan is to establish nodes of scientific importance for ONRRI to establish the longer term measurement of natural resources that i envisioned when we launched on January 2nd, 2001.  We were way ahead of our time back then in the concepts that we introduced, so the energy diffused over other more pressing issues and personality began to govern rather than hearts and minds.

Group theory has to do with symmetry, looking at facets of rotation as mathematically descending out into identical sub-components.  If all is well, then nothing is 'skew'.  When you break the symmetry by introducing a new polarity, then you have to recheck those symmetrical components to see that they still balance out.  If they don't, then you have to consider them in your next line of thinking.  Sacred geometry demonstrates a perfection of form embodies by shape (and sound, and color, and ...)

I have three different sub-levels of personal mining that i can use with analogy to each other to frame a picture.  If i lay claim to an areas that i call randomness, that will give me a packet of four that can branch into a sixteen and i have just reduced the complexity of my game vision by an order of magnitude.  That is as opposed to a chaos of magnitude, which is what we see if we watch the current picture too closely.

I am working on a question game called ore - which asks a question and polls the audience for an answer.  I was going to launch after i got back from a travel obligation, but i may just use the next post to float a trial balloon...

namaste'     doc

August 10, 2012

Real Games

     Watched the movie What the BLEEP the other day - i remember when it came out in 2007 and i was enamored that one of my old Reform Party friends, John Hagelin, was featured in the movie.  The concepts discussed in the movie have held up fairly well - but the description of the quantum world was just a bit misleading.  I recognized a lot more of the cast - all in all, they set an interesting plate, before meta-physics meets pop-culture.  This movie can serve as a legitimate barometer to measure advances at the edge of science - however it presupposes some things that are just not true.
     I am not certain how to tease what is true from what is not true throughout the whole of science, but i have to know which things are not what they seem, because there are gaps where the modern explanation loses some of the basic premises.  Like as above, so below.  Getting back to basics and looking with unbiased eyes is child's play - so i am going to work with children to design interest based learning - like redile is research directed learning.  Inbale nah - i'll find a good acronym later, along with a good avatar
     Groups and individuals have very different perspectives.  Groups are made up of individuals and the agenda of each individual is not necessarily clear when the group is formed.  Each individual is requested to subjugate responsibility in areas where they previously held autonomy and that is not a comfortable situation for people who have watched responsibility leave the room as soon as they weren't watching.
     I am willing to speak highly of my personal friends; i offer an honest answer whenever i perceive an honest question.  I trust what people tell me until i find out otherwise and this gets me in trouble due to my naivety of the dark - i am so fascinated by the symmetry of the universe that i get lost in the facets and i lose time in great bundles.  Makes it hard to hold a just over broke position.  But if the group defines my responsibility and the benefit i gather by my membership, then i have to consider the options .. options .. options.
     Options in Monopoly were another different concept the took a while to catch on, but made the game change in perception.  I'll give you Baltic for your option on Ventnor and you'ld take it to get the minotels up, and i'd already have Marvin's Garden.  Twenty three minutes and one major trade later - you land on Ventnor and start pulling out hundreds when i remind you that i own your option and then pay for my yellow monopoly that changes the game.  How capitalistic.  How not in the written rules.  How parallel to truth?
     Every game has it's own rules and then the people who supercede those rules.  The elites.  The ones who know better.  Why?  Because they have secret non-transparent information.  Why?  Because they are good liars and made it all up?  Why?  To spray chemtrails.  Huh?  Logic Breakdown.
     The rabbit hole goes too deep for any one of us as individuals to be able to gain transparency.  However, the sausage maker has been fired and the strands are more like spaghetti, waiting to be teased out from each other, with identifyable nodes where disinformation might be present.  For now, just think.  Summer festival season calls and events are off-line experiences where you gotta be there with all of you.  Look up at the skies in the early morning darkness for visual treats.
     Namaste'     doc

August 09, 2012

The Bond and the Field

   Sometimes, information comes out that is different from what we already know.  When this happens, it is incumbent upon us to look deeper into what the voice is saying and evaluate the truth in context against what we already think we know.  Lynne McTaggart is one of the true scientists that i admire in the world today - i have read her works when i can - the title here is a combo of two of her books.  
   I am horrified to send you to an ad - but the 70 minute interview on the page about Cancer is an absolutely must hear.  I will allow you to think for yourself - i now take this blog in another direction.
   The Bond is one of the mysteries of chemistry.  I have read Linus Pauling's classic - The Nature of the Chemical Bond - several times - it is the explanation for the field we call chemistry.  McTaggart takes the topic in a biological sense - i will devour the book as soon as i latch onto it. But we create our own fields - using morphogenic resonance - go look up Rupert Sheldrake.
   We create interpersonal bonds with the friends we make as we live our current life.  I love people that i don't like - because unconditional love is a pre-condition for acceptance.  If i reject, then i am rejected.  I love you.  That gives me the right to say my piece to you, once, without blame, because i care.  What you do with my insight is up to you - and i have no right to harp on it once i have said it - i let it go.
   This current life system does not work.  Nature realizes this and is in the process of making change.  Belief is what we each have to glom onto, and we each have our own truths which do not necessarily coincide.  Nor do they have to.  We get into more trouble by attempting to coincide our vision; we get into arguments over nonsense.  I think this is set-up deliberately by our education system and is exasperated by what we call rule of law.  There is no punishment for violating rule of law when you are above a certain fiscal condition.  Is this fair?  Who said fair was part of life?
   Doc is a free-radical.  It is not a complicated concept.  Science is made to sound complex by people like McTaggart telling us that it is complex.  Nonsense.  It is a turf war and if you are believing without thinking, then they have gotcha.  We do not need school to learn.  We need an open mind with an attitude - you know what it is you know - go through the logic before you change your mind.  No matter who it is that is telling you.  Oh - and stay away from medical doctors - they really do not grok chemistry or biology.

Namaste'   doc

August 08, 2012

Carbon Credit

   This morning i received a phone call from my good friend, the Hon. John Garbini, of Wonder Earth Partners.  John has been talking to Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber about a plan to keep valuable trees standing as a carbon reserve, rather than cutting the trees for profit and starting again from scratch.  Doc is a partner in WEP and consults from time to time on a timber of forestry and science issues.
   Back in the early oughts, Doc had a Forest Zone program through ONRRI, that set out and measured 13 plots on the Safe Harbor property 660 acres) in Boomer Creek, Oregon.  The permanent plots were GPS'ed for location and every tree in the range was tagged with an aluminum number stuck on an aluminum nail (iron nails affect tree health - aluminum does not oxidize inside a tree).  We did calculations and projections with the aid of high school students from the Phoenix School in Roseburg, OR and other local high schools.
  Once trained in measuring diameter at breast height (dbh) and tree height,  we did calculations and projections on tree growth (carbon sequestration) for 50 years.  It is now ten years later and time to go back and measure these plots again.  The entire program is a biology friendly means of doing forestry - similar to my current work developing bio-friendly mining.
   The group was trained well enough that the US Forest Service used our student volunteers to conduct a white pine blister rust survey in the Diamond Lake Forest District.  Another good friend, Rick Abbott, led the program which gave valuable work experience to jobless teens (under 18 , no right to work).  Makes me wonder how we expect youth to be trained to enter the workforce when they are prohibited from everything but pretending to go through the motions.
   At any rate - Wonder Earth Partners is looking at receiving some major funding from the State of Oregon to implement the process of change.  Check out the site and support remember to support Gaia when working in resource extraction.  She supports us and life is changing rapidly - i believe for the better.

Namaste'    doc

August 07, 2012

How to Cope

   Y'know, it's always something.  So rather than stress, Alfred E. suggests a 'What, me worry?' approach.  For me, it was always the cartoonist squiggles in between the lines that made MAD magazine a personal favorite.  As good as fractured fairy tales were, there was no comparison to the mock songs.  This one plays to the tune of the Girl from Ipanema :
Short and fat and bald and ugly
the guy from Jersey City is loaded
When he passes me he makes me go ah
   Quite telling how the game now is dominated by the high rollers at the casinos, while the rest of us go on squeaking out a subsistence existence.  Of course, this statement is not true - the way people complain about the 1%, you would never know the difference.
   I no longer get annoyed - i ignore what i don't wish to expand upon.  People that feel that they have to make new rules for other people deserve all the rules they can handle - george.  I bet you thought the comic There Ought to Be a Law was funny and not sick.  Laws, like rules are made to be broken.  Line laws - you suggested it - wouldn't surprise me if grubbermint takes you up on it.
   The whole shebang is changing rapidly and the context of peace is one that looks like a long shot now; peace is a sure bet eventually down the road.  That is because if they succeed in pulling off Armageddon (which they wont), nobody on planet earth would leave a very quiet remainder.  
   Of course, we can pull down any Bollywood action film of the last 20 years (30, 40, 50???) and still get all the violence that used to be cartoon and comic fare.  Just think - no slapstick comedy, just plenty of blood and guts.  I choose what i watch specifically for the message - if a friend sends a post with a link, i watch.  However, if i have been dragged back to the current hatred - i sorta lose communication with that person - my focus is on uplift, not down-trod.
   That is why pets are such good friends.  They can sense your aura and know better than to say anything dumb.  The best they can do is razz you - like the black kitty picture the other day.  Cats are happy, as long as the food is there at sunrise - 'wake up and feed me' is the general morning scene.  I'm good with that - i guess.  Not that i have many other choices...
Namaste'   doc

August 06, 2012


Suzy Pixie sent me some awesome photographs from her summer landscape.

 I have to add one orange rose from my archive - to show my love.

A Count Lesson

   Where shall i begin?  Normally, i would have been up reading on the internet for the past two hours, ingesting the monday morning doom and gloom from Kunstler, Ure, Rockwell and other highly informative websites.  The shift can only be accomplished by taking full responsibility for one's own thoughts and manifesting them through morphogenesis.  
   Huh - science gobbletygook alert - what is this thing you speak of doc, this morpho genesis.  It sounds like religion - is science now to be considered a separate sect that worships 'no god' (know god) as God?  And how can you function in the world without knowing what is going on - y'know.  I mean we have a president to vote for and the olympics and whether Lindsey Lohan got laid during the filming of the movie.  God - life is important.
   Well, now there you go, again. (1pt, quote) You've been watching too much dogma and believing that it is truth.  It stands in the way of the weigh - the balancing act of deciding what your best options are.  When you listen to people, you find that they all have the same problems and different means of coping.  The choice of how to cope is made by what is available.
   Truth is, we've all been coping with the weigh for a very long time.  We follow our intuition and it leads us to many good places, real and imaginary.  If we go against our better judgement, then the outcome always falls way short of expectation and we find another new means to cope.
   In non-math number terms - we all have ups and downs and the frequency of impact depends on the distance away from the mean average.  The mean average is simply add it all up and divide by the count.  Now we all can count, can't we?  Well, y'know, that might be a good question.  Do we all know how to count?
   Count Dracula was born in Transylvania in 1407.  Oops - wrong count....  (Whirled Book Ency - 2024) Count Strawberry and Count Chocula were breakfast cereals that helped introduce massive amounts of sugar into the american diet, leading to an obesity epidemic, once the form of sugar was changed to high fructose corn syrup.  The marketing vehicle of cartoon commercials induced a sweet tooth in an entire generation of 'Baby Boomers" inducing many physical and mental disorders, which led to the collapse of the health care system under the short reign of King Mitt I. 
   Sorry - still getting the knack of this time travel thing.  I am responsible for my own thoughts.  If i stop allowing my attention to be distracted by the nonsense, then i can evaluate the things that i like and wish myself to spend more time in that sphere of influence.  The game is forming in a miasma of different input - i am today the peaceful warrior novice at level 1 of the game with no experience and a few toys.  By the time you find me - the game will have become established - all the clues are here in the blog.  I may be the 38th level Wizard plotting the downfall of the Balrog, who knows.
   Oh - we'll all learn to count together at another thyme.  We teach babies to count - one , two, three, four, five and they forget what they intuitively knew about the process of count, which is an innate part of our genetics.  DNA works on a grid of 64, y'know.

Namaste'   doc

August 05, 2012

Your Choice

Which is more real?  Getting razzed by the cat, or being a stuffed animal?  There are ways of grokking, and there are ways of just knowing - trust your internal judgment.  Feeling are not right or wrong, they just are.  
Thank you for being.  

August 04, 2012


One of the gates that has been locked away for all of our waking lives is the portal.  A portal is a pass to change places - a way of getting somewhere where you were not, without having to slog through the means of getting there.  Portals are fun, easy to use, but really grate on other people's concepts of what is possible and what is not.

   Now, i said portal and you are thinking time portal.  That's media conditioning for you.  The tv show Time Tunnel was about portals, but i like Bugs Bunny's portable hole.  The one he could pull from his heart, throw at a wall climb in, reach out and pull the hole into the hole and escape the FuDD,  Creative intelligence used to be expressed in cartoon form.  It can be again.
   I have created a four hour box, that i can enter, get work done, then come out in the same real time place.  The cost is time from other places - i either lose sleep or have a long drive where i don't remember anything along the way.  Portals should make driving obsolete.
   We live in an electric universe governed by the harmonic of the spheres.  The universe doesn't count, it rides ratios and empowers up to the limits of natural resource.  Humans count and collect and grow and only look in one direction.  That's exactly where the magician wants you to look - away from him, at something else.  Then he uses his portal to change things and wallah - magic happens.  Reminds me of an old Far Side where the professor has scribbled billions of equations on a chalkboard, leading up to, 'then a miracle occurs'.
   There are no miracles in chemistry - if you don't get the ratios correct the process doesn't work.  Music is the same weigh - if you don't have your harmonics working, your sound is not pleasing to the ear.  The instrument doesn't make a difference to a beginner; a master can tell instantly every new nick on his sitar.  
   It pays to play - enjoy, just be.  Let go of tense - now use your portal and do what you wish today - come back soon. Oh - you have to know how to work the 

August 03, 2012


Water sprays rainbow from a height
twinkles through colors of light
the ground seems as pleased as I am ...

All things converge upon the mean
as misaligned systems return to norm
life will never be quite the same again...

lemme howdt (c) 2009, 2012

August 01, 2012

A very interesting tidbit of history

This is a clip that i had not previously seen, of Timothy Leary and his definition of drugs.  It is funny to note how put off balance Leary is by the interviewer who has no idea who Leary is.  It would be like introducing Hunter S. Thompson to somebody that had no concept of fear and loathing.  

Empowering the Jury

The link leads to a website that has a 4 minute TV newscast.  The plaintiff has been collecting water for over 30 years in ponds that were built for rainwater containment.  The state of Oregon claims the water and the judge would not allow the jury to even hear the argument that the state law has overstepped its boundary.  So - let's take the courts away from the grubbermint and give them back to - We, the people.

This is Oregon and the Ducks are also taking on water - will the state arrest the university, too?

Go Beavers !!!