August 12, 2012

2001 - A Thyme Odessey

Quiet is not quite silent - the music plays in an unconventional harmonic, keeping pace as a metronome, tick by measured tick.  The same stuff happens the same weigh at each increment - it should require the same energy to travel the same distance.  Talking heads - same as it ever was.

Except that it's not.  The pace quickens, the day rises, the sparkles flying across the sky are real, the rest of life provides the illusion.  Invisibility cloak on, the path of question and answer marches forth, as obligation to continue requires attention to minor detail, which turn howdt to be major renditions when history is rewritten in the days (daze) of future past.

Nothing is ever as it seems, but taken at face value, everything is what it is.  The one and the one don't add together - they enhance the nature of the experience.  It feels like the first time, because it is the first time for your second chance at what can be revealed that you didn't quite notice the first time through.  The vision of how it happens is not as important as the vision of what will be, que sera.

I treasure the friends that i have failed to keep in touch with over the years.  I lost touch with way more people than i have touch with, but sharing sparks of energy for a certain period of time left me with an awareness of their perspective, etched by the time that we shared in being.  We play games, we talk in depth, but after a while, attention always turned to a box of sorts.  Thyme to live howdtside da baax.

The weigh is a path of knowledge, of measuring and questioning and verifying reference.  The Quest 4 Knowledge will be the introduction to the weigh of the weigh - which is based on constructed illusion, well thought out by masters in their fields.  Each player registers their interest level in focus areas, in tangent areas, the focus will be used to spin the information into an acceptable lattice. Get a passport and keep track of the adventure.

There will be enforced symmetry to keep the lines from blurring between activity centers.  Each concept will eventually have a reach of 16 domains - one of which will be considered a home domain.  16 x 16 is a 256 lattice - the game grid is 8 x 8 with four polarities or flavors.

For simplification purposes - each personal domain is sovereign, the entire model is based on a Mondragon Cooperative.  Only two home domains will function initially - Doc has been restricted to Science and will have his own world in the designated RPH lattice - the ME lattice will focus around the folks in Mystic Earth network - Ben's Quest.  The means of handling information is currently developing - surveys and pop quiz should allow us to have information collection games that run in the background.

It is important to develop the game off-line - to walk the walk in real accomplishment, not myth created for readers in chairs.  Ben's world is focused on baking - i like to eat baked goods, i am a visitor to Ben's world in mystic's domain.  Ronald lives in his own world - he's nine.  He and his mom have a circular existence - i like ronald, but i don't allow him to pull stuff - he always tries.  The game has to have a role for Ronald, and has to know that that role is there, sacred through thick and thin.  Ronald knows Kirk - Ben's little brother, they play.  They invite me into illusionary realms and i wonder - where does imagination go , when it is cut off by schooling?

I went and found mine - a learning system based on feeding me correct information when i need it, to confirm the ability to weigh all sides of an issue - to get the concepts correct, because science and justice both have real roles in a democratic society, but very little else that i see is worth carrying rather than reconstructing,  We are responsible for our own thoughts, so train yourself to think the weigh that helps you make the best decisions.  I am off to achieve Peace.

namaste'     doc   

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