August 06, 2012

A Count Lesson

   Where shall i begin?  Normally, i would have been up reading on the internet for the past two hours, ingesting the monday morning doom and gloom from Kunstler, Ure, Rockwell and other highly informative websites.  The shift can only be accomplished by taking full responsibility for one's own thoughts and manifesting them through morphogenesis.  
   Huh - science gobbletygook alert - what is this thing you speak of doc, this morpho genesis.  It sounds like religion - is science now to be considered a separate sect that worships 'no god' (know god) as God?  And how can you function in the world without knowing what is going on - y'know.  I mean we have a president to vote for and the olympics and whether Lindsey Lohan got laid during the filming of the movie.  God - life is important.
   Well, now there you go, again. (1pt, quote) You've been watching too much dogma and believing that it is truth.  It stands in the way of the weigh - the balancing act of deciding what your best options are.  When you listen to people, you find that they all have the same problems and different means of coping.  The choice of how to cope is made by what is available.
   Truth is, we've all been coping with the weigh for a very long time.  We follow our intuition and it leads us to many good places, real and imaginary.  If we go against our better judgement, then the outcome always falls way short of expectation and we find another new means to cope.
   In non-math number terms - we all have ups and downs and the frequency of impact depends on the distance away from the mean average.  The mean average is simply add it all up and divide by the count.  Now we all can count, can't we?  Well, y'know, that might be a good question.  Do we all know how to count?
   Count Dracula was born in Transylvania in 1407.  Oops - wrong count....  (Whirled Book Ency - 2024) Count Strawberry and Count Chocula were breakfast cereals that helped introduce massive amounts of sugar into the american diet, leading to an obesity epidemic, once the form of sugar was changed to high fructose corn syrup.  The marketing vehicle of cartoon commercials induced a sweet tooth in an entire generation of 'Baby Boomers" inducing many physical and mental disorders, which led to the collapse of the health care system under the short reign of King Mitt I. 
   Sorry - still getting the knack of this time travel thing.  I am responsible for my own thoughts.  If i stop allowing my attention to be distracted by the nonsense, then i can evaluate the things that i like and wish myself to spend more time in that sphere of influence.  The game is forming in a miasma of different input - i am today the peaceful warrior novice at level 1 of the game with no experience and a few toys.  By the time you find me - the game will have become established - all the clues are here in the blog.  I may be the 38th level Wizard plotting the downfall of the Balrog, who knows.
   Oh - we'll all learn to count together at another thyme.  We teach babies to count - one , two, three, four, five and they forget what they intuitively knew about the process of count, which is an innate part of our genetics.  DNA works on a grid of 64, y'know.

Namaste'   doc

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