August 30, 2012

A Parable

     This story is about two chess players, the master and the acolyte, playing again for the umpteenth time.  The Master plays Black, the acolyte has White.
    The acolyte has never won a game, but keeps at the game because he wishes to learn from the master.  There is a sequence, a trap, that takes a specific order of moves, but the master seems to be playing along.  The acolyte sees the flow and the form and takes a bold play – sacrificing a knight to open a key pathway – the master accepts.  By calculation, the error, accepting the knight offer, leads to a forced checkmate in 13 turns.  The acolyte has his first win, but the game must be played out until the master sees that he is lost.  The clock ticks, the master has yet to notice.
The thirteen moves become eight, yet the sequence is still noted.  Then five, but the master must have a trick up his sleeve, because chess is a game of honor and no player keeps playing a totally lost position.  At three the end is obvious, at two the game is over, in everything but the masters mind, he has never lost to the acolyte and is finally getting a grip that reality is not what it has always been.  Note the Goddess entering her temple. Even she knows the dark is lost.
      The old game ends on December 21, 2012.  The Shift Movement Network Birth 2012 party is set for December 22, 2012, the day the clock ticks out on the stubborn master, the end of A time and the beginning of B time.  The Mayan 20:13 Tzolkein calendar fits the fibonacci sequence and is compatible with the harmonics of Gaia for B time.  I have a new game – Quest 4 Knowledge – play-testing for 64 days this coming month – enough so that thisCosmic Yellow Star can launch a new game on the next Cosmic Yellow Stardate – December 22, 2012.  I can feel the goosebumps of peace resonating in the love.  Soon, the void, one eighth of the harmonic, will test the change from A to B, by creating a diversion.  Let’s create a happy Gaian birthday ; and Be at Peace.

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