August 28, 2012

Game Theory III - 64 $ Pyramid

   The photos are from Toketee - the North Umpqua Hot Springs.  The first shot is the main pool with a reflection of the cover, the second shows a bit of perspective and the third is a close up of the right panel.  I will need a different format to display the whole set - this is a teaser.
   Now that doc is back, things are going to change to accommodate the weigh the whirled works.  Doc will handle the day-to-day reports and lemme will become creative with the history.  We may move the blog, or we may just expand and blog in several different forums.  The idea is to note how certain blogs affect the statistics of the blog.
   The thyme frame has become clear and the doc will be very busy setting down the framework of the three games set.  We are looking at the 64,000 dollar Pyramid - a television gameshow derivative of the $64 Question radio quiz show.  I suppose these days, keeping up requires a 64,000,000$ pyramid.  Release date is cosmic yellow star, the day that Gaia births on December 22, 2012.  Birth 2012 is sponsored by the Shift network - should be a large party.
   The first 40 floors of the pyramid form a comprehensive K-12, College and University apprenticeship system  under the moniker Quest 4 Knowledge.  This is a role playing game that has application to reel life - a media company that will operate through jouneyvision tv.  "It's Doctor Lenny Time, with your host, Doctor Lenny Thyme" will feature the graceful Ms. Shelly Om as co-host.  If you feared Regis with Kathie Lee ...
   The top 16 floors are a sovereign community based on a modified Mondragon model that is mostly described at the Existence website.  Cash is not a tool - the system is a barter plus, where game rewards go to the player's community rather than the player.  The metrix form a score system that allows individuals to be ranked at their current level, so that there are leaders.  Decision making follows the leadership tree.
   The middle game is under construction - it is a creative build your own world role-playing game in the traditional sense, except that creative research will continually be upgrading the resources on all the worlds.   First focuses are agriculture and mining, and media development!  Cash flow is a major challenge - universe has allowed me a novel change of position and this will be one of the changes.  Thank you.
   Play testing is very specific - if you are interested, contact howdt at yahoo with 64 or pyramid in the post title.  The current game model shifts, but the structure is set and populating the space is the major focus.  Players earn time in the classroom, events are where advances work and the mine game at lower levels is about homework and sharpening the saw.  All pop culture is in play and creating media to share is the early focus.  Choices are wide open, but we are moving in time and space to a different frequency and life will change.
   Nuff for now.  More after real work re-orders my current chaos.

Namaste'    doc

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