August 07, 2012

How to Cope

   Y'know, it's always something.  So rather than stress, Alfred E. suggests a 'What, me worry?' approach.  For me, it was always the cartoonist squiggles in between the lines that made MAD magazine a personal favorite.  As good as fractured fairy tales were, there was no comparison to the mock songs.  This one plays to the tune of the Girl from Ipanema :
Short and fat and bald and ugly
the guy from Jersey City is loaded
When he passes me he makes me go ah
   Quite telling how the game now is dominated by the high rollers at the casinos, while the rest of us go on squeaking out a subsistence existence.  Of course, this statement is not true - the way people complain about the 1%, you would never know the difference.
   I no longer get annoyed - i ignore what i don't wish to expand upon.  People that feel that they have to make new rules for other people deserve all the rules they can handle - george.  I bet you thought the comic There Ought to Be a Law was funny and not sick.  Laws, like rules are made to be broken.  Line laws - you suggested it - wouldn't surprise me if grubbermint takes you up on it.
   The whole shebang is changing rapidly and the context of peace is one that looks like a long shot now; peace is a sure bet eventually down the road.  That is because if they succeed in pulling off Armageddon (which they wont), nobody on planet earth would leave a very quiet remainder.  
   Of course, we can pull down any Bollywood action film of the last 20 years (30, 40, 50???) and still get all the violence that used to be cartoon and comic fare.  Just think - no slapstick comedy, just plenty of blood and guts.  I choose what i watch specifically for the message - if a friend sends a post with a link, i watch.  However, if i have been dragged back to the current hatred - i sorta lose communication with that person - my focus is on uplift, not down-trod.
   That is why pets are such good friends.  They can sense your aura and know better than to say anything dumb.  The best they can do is razz you - like the black kitty picture the other day.  Cats are happy, as long as the food is there at sunrise - 'wake up and feed me' is the general morning scene.  I'm good with that - i guess.  Not that i have many other choices...
Namaste'   doc

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