August 04, 2012


One of the gates that has been locked away for all of our waking lives is the portal.  A portal is a pass to change places - a way of getting somewhere where you were not, without having to slog through the means of getting there.  Portals are fun, easy to use, but really grate on other people's concepts of what is possible and what is not.

   Now, i said portal and you are thinking time portal.  That's media conditioning for you.  The tv show Time Tunnel was about portals, but i like Bugs Bunny's portable hole.  The one he could pull from his heart, throw at a wall climb in, reach out and pull the hole into the hole and escape the FuDD,  Creative intelligence used to be expressed in cartoon form.  It can be again.
   I have created a four hour box, that i can enter, get work done, then come out in the same real time place.  The cost is time from other places - i either lose sleep or have a long drive where i don't remember anything along the way.  Portals should make driving obsolete.
   We live in an electric universe governed by the harmonic of the spheres.  The universe doesn't count, it rides ratios and empowers up to the limits of natural resource.  Humans count and collect and grow and only look in one direction.  That's exactly where the magician wants you to look - away from him, at something else.  Then he uses his portal to change things and wallah - magic happens.  Reminds me of an old Far Side where the professor has scribbled billions of equations on a chalkboard, leading up to, 'then a miracle occurs'.
   There are no miracles in chemistry - if you don't get the ratios correct the process doesn't work.  Music is the same weigh - if you don't have your harmonics working, your sound is not pleasing to the ear.  The instrument doesn't make a difference to a beginner; a master can tell instantly every new nick on his sitar.  
   It pays to play - enjoy, just be.  Let go of tense - now use your portal and do what you wish today - come back soon. Oh - you have to know how to work the 

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