August 23, 2012

Warm Up

   Not home yet, but flowing south.  An early open computer found me, so it's time to get blogging again and be ready to hit the ground running from home.  I have 300 new nature shots and 200 Peace Village photos and many general photos to look at - might even have enough work to justify acquiring a copy of photo-shop. 
   I talked to a photographic artist recently and he was major bummed because nobody buys professional photography any longer - we all take pix ourselves.  He is right - if you don't have a camera, you can google the vacation site and clip the art that you find.  And portraits - well, just use your mug shot.
   Everyone of us has a dossier on them - it starts with a number issues for appropriate government use - the one the grocery stores wanted to write on the back of your payment when you showed them the proper ID.  See - if we add more rules that make our behaviors appropriate and proper, then we can be safe from terrists.  I get it.  Not.
   Raz has some good talk over on the parellel universe channel.  Save soldiers with nasal spray that contains steroids while banning baseball players from their game mid-season for taking steroids.  Mixed signals - love the message sent here - by the folks that bring us life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness where we can be all we can be - a limb or two short.
   Everybody has answers to different question and questions for different answers.  Is it thyme to go viral?  No, not yet.  The spin flips when the resonance excedes the carrying capacity.  Time will get rough.  Obummer and the mittster will invade our privacy for the left and right to herd the middle together.  Get as far howdtside the muddle in the middle that you can. 
   I have an apprenticeship and have been manifesting my own apprentice, who will arrive as soon as i can feed a second person.  I need to bury myself in thought, because the gathering of information on this trip was an eye-opener.  I buried artifact #42 - one of a hundred that will be in physical cache - a prize worth all my heart.  It contains my love crystal, two quarters, a bite of peanut butter, an identity card and a few other things.  More on this later.
   42 is Douglas Adams' answer to the question on the meaning of life, the universe and everything.  I chose 42 as the first artifact number to use to honor my forebearer.  All of the knowledge in the world needs to be tested for validity and upgraded for context.  It is a major task - it requires many people doing what they do well, and not having to do things that somebody else can do for them. 
  I do chemistry - for most people that would be spelled chem mystery - i think that was by design.  Atoms are a simple concept, but there is too much piled higher and deeper in a high school level chemistry course that is based on imagination theater.  Who today, beyond John Lennon, has deep time to imagine?  I can create deep time - the new game is an extension of the old game, with a skewed spin.
   Love to say more, but day intrudes - back home by Sundae and a cherry on top.
namaste'   doc


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