September 18, 2012

As the World Turns ...

   ... My mental mettle is directed toward metal.  Things can be ironed out with a copper base, to remove lead and make everything golden, though mercurial in value.  Nothing is as what it seems and seems gets confused, when talking with Iz.  Just Hawaiian remakes of somewhere over a rainbow.
   The needs to wonder and wander are very much among us, as we are currently boxed in and told what to think.  The capture of time into small increments - particles that attract mass - is an odd concept that has been thought through deeply in a book that i have recently read.  I think time is an exception - that physics uses time to replace a concept where it doesn't have an angle of approach.
   Too much determinance has been placed into the sphere of cause and effect.  It seems obvious to me that if you intend to cause an effect, you can accomplish the task - there is a myriad of means at your disposal.  This begs the question of what is free will - a very serious question that should be investigated more thoroughly, not avoided.
   Part of the problem is that while thought has actual mass, money has no substance.  It is just a thing that represents another thing.  Working for money to be able to live is a nonsensical arrangement that has no other options.  I find statements like this to be absurd - there is always another means of approach.  The idea that the Bernanke controls the world by waving his arms and declaring QE3 means that he should be locked up quicker than Julian Assange.
   The whole game is nonsense - pull the plug and let's get onto the next reel.  What?  No, shit!  Movies don't come in reels any longer?  The reel is no longer real?  Same as it ever was.  Same as it ever was.  SAME AS IT EVER WAS!  And as days go by ...
   So, what if Atlas Shrugged?  Rand makes a good model for a new start at Galt's Gulch.  I was always fascinated by Roger Zelazny's Amber series - the character movement through the deck of cards is a winner.  Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game adventures provide an ironic twist and Herbert's Dune provides a tale of kings and valor.  Many time lines of Anathem with the time line sequestration of Seldon in Foundation and we have more than enough science fiction to based a learning system in competitive reality.
   Ah, to compete or to cooperate?  Why are questions always posited with duality?  Is there not cooperative competition in sports - the teams need each other, the players need each other and the teams need the players, except in hockey.  The cost of entertainment has driven the price of a ticket to the level where athletes are treated today as scientists were treated in my childhood - 40 years ago.  Why?
   Perhaps because science is a religion, a belief system that is not an absolute.  The Science Fiction of yesteryear imagined a different reality than the one that came through.  Nobody expected the banksters to become dishonest brokers and that war would become obsolete - except for changing the life status of people whose skin color is somehow offensive.  On all sides.  
   The cutting edge of science is a fun-filled frolic in the expanse of Ego, coming from all sides - defenders and attackers shooting holes in the images of yesteryear.  But the knowledge is rapidly sequestered for profit and the game consists of pieces of paper called NDAs - non-disclosure agreements - that protect bits of information that somebody tells you from being stolen from them.  As though the ideas discussed were not of collective ownership in the Akashic Records.  Hello?  Anybody home?
   I know all sorts of stuff that people think they own because they downloaded me on a topic.  I have signed many non-disclosure statements that have been construed as one way streets with no recourse for my ideas or experience - i didn't properly cordon off my turf.  Again - what utter nonsense!  The only NDAs that i feel bound to are the ones that i signed in good faith for a profit bearing idea that i helped contribute to at a level where i was a key player payed to hold my thoughts.  I can think of many self-serving NDA's that i have signed under duress - which means - no sign, discussion stops.  Is this any way to run a knowledge base?
   We know better - the time has come to design a new game.  I do not know where the game will lead to, but i am tired of not being able to share all knowledge freely.  The first task is to question everything and work from a basis of factual conceptual understanding.  This is a different platform for each one of us!  I can only focus on my own interests and use my own experience to weigh what is right, as i see it.
   And right has no left.  Right has no wrong.  Right has no objective bearing, no compliment of opposite, no yang for its ying.  It is just right in the terms that the order makes sense.  A large chaos will bring about a much better apparent order - trust the universe - get your own house in gear.  Open yourself to questioning everything in your own domain.  That means - only question things where you have a path to an answer - otherwise, you can waste a lot of time being open ended.
   I have my task - i am sorting.  I cannot even begin to count, until i have things properly sorted.  I know where some stuff is - by the end of the sorting process, i will know where all my written words from the past decade are collected, in their place where you can find them as well as i can.  Images too.What a novel transparency concept.  It allows pure self to develop and builds a new ego - one of reviewing accomplishments and moving forward to new tasks.  The basis set for something new ...

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