September 14, 2012

Attitude and Aptitude

   Doc is getting a bit pissy in his personal view of the whirled - his overload capacity is already past there. He was getting frustrated, so i lit a candle and some incense and allowed it all to go.  Had another smoke and another pot of tea and a popop-pi (though it was a blackbird baked into a pie) - hands across the water, water, hands across the sky.
   Now I feel better - I feel good - knew that i would - alright - off the songs and back to the post - thanks to the wings for the popop-pi.  The reformatting of life has come and the first place that needs work is home.  Higher self is talking to current self and all the internal litttle whiney personas are to shut down encampments and let lyte do her work.
   A proper chaos falls into a proper order and this is fall.  Skul has started and everybody is hepped up - give it a month and we will all be back to the same old, same old - except that we cannot allow ourselves to go there.  Inspiration and perspiration unite to bring order from the chaos - but the new apparent order is not quite obvious because we have to organize it differently to make any sense.
   Today, data mining begins in earnest.  I have to clean up the files into new cabinets for a new age and set up a system that if the grid goes down, the grid comes up in the new form.  The game is personal - Mitch Rapp is exactly what they want us to be - so guess what.  Doc just ain't there.
   Models are imitations of life that allow exploration of concepts that are new to discover.  Fiction novels convey images that are not true to life, but give poetic license to the author to model the truth and present the distorted image as fiction to a under-educated public.  Books have ceded the idea space to movies and television - which begat the genre of rock-n-roll, which is poetry set to music. The pop culture is the vehicle - a tool that is a web that must be respun from it's vital fabric into the emporer's new clothes.  For real, fer sure.
   lemme howdt has over 1500 published poems to his credit - under several names in several different places.  Well - lemme got howdt and there is a new phase of life that is now consuming our attention and frames of reference.  The colors of the rainbow are colors - chemistry is full of color - spectacular forms of image based on simple symmetry and the fibonacci sequence.  This site has shown many photos - all off the camera with the eyes of - well - it's not going where you think.
   It's just going - for now, to be resurrected in a different form.  Water - not online water - just water.  Food has started, in good hands - water is next.  The adventure is Quest 4 Knowledge - riddles and hints and a serious approach to mining information and reconstructing the universe in natural terms, with natural law and natural wisdom.  Alone again, Naturally.
   namaste'   doc

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