September 19, 2012

Be Prepared for Everything

There is never enough time to accomplish anything, except by starting now.  Dr. Lenny will be part of the away team for the Reno event - just getting the tools of the trade out to more people before the event horizon.  I spent many years fearing the doom and gloom - now i am watching and preparing for any eventuality, knowing that imagination is more important than reality in a good fear based scare issue.

Tomorrow - the 20th of September - at 6:00 pm Pacific time, Dr. Rick will appear with Dr. Valerie on Enlightened Medicine on BBS Radio.  Dr. Lenny may call in and pose a few ornery questions - we will be questioning the sources of all knowledge and will have issues with who did what when.  One of my favorite artists is Walter Russell - he did several well known busts of Mark Twain and the Roosevelts.  

Dr Lenny will be running the Many Facets of Water as a real adventure on-line beginning in early October.  Dr. Rick is going to run a course that is a follow-up to the Reno event - only it is going to start the week before Reno.  The idea is to learn to co-create new and novel media approaches, that will serve to jump-start curiosity in a weigh that can be channeled into valid questions for our 'experts'.

So hold on to your hats and join us for the adventure of staying alive, no matter what.

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