September 25, 2012

Changing Things

   Congress has gone home to play the election game.  Both sides are clueless, bankrupt and pulling wisdom out of their arses.   They lie and cheat and steal and suggest that this is good.  Bain Capital is an abomination - no-real-job-ever obama is an obomination:  so why pay any attention at all?
   If nobody follows the rule of law, then there is no rule of law.  The game has changed to where the law on paper doesn't matter, you need the force of justice which is tied up in the courts.  In the back room, with the bondage ropes and chains.  A ball in the mouth, ankle and hand cuffs - that lady justice ain't getting away anytime soon.
   So we drift away - turn off all the left website, turn off all the right websites, turn off all the libertarian websites, turn off all the news website - well now we are down to three types of site - sports, other bloggers and pornography.  For sports - all we get is crying over how bad the football referees are - nothing to see there.  Other bloggers are spending time on politics, hopeless.  That leaves porn.
   Hey porn today is a great deal, you get cookies with it.  And Trojans, in two different wrappers - one with extra jazz.  And a method where they can always reveal what you have been looking at.  So - lots of males look at lots of porn: they sneakily use other people's computers, so that they don't get the spare parts.  What a sweet intellectual deal.  Not.
   The problem is that there is no meat to the current scheme.  The rewards for following along are the same as the penalties for not following along.  Most merikins have had their heads so wrapped up in violence, that it has become second nature to real life existence.  That's not good.  We have lost our moral compasses, and would rather watch people get blown away for trying to stop us from getting what is 'rightfully ours', than to take any lesser sort of a deal. (Not that we are ever offered one).
   I am a strange bird - i like what i like and i don't pay attention to things that i don't like.  I build impressions of things based upon my personal biases and sometimes i get things completely wrong - because i did not have enough information in my frame to decide right from wrong.  (Let me caveat this whole conversation with the idea that morals, right and wrong, is a very shady grey concept that is used to justify action.  The debate ends when the proper moral is applied - once justified, we no longer look for more information, we go jihad.) My we and I get confused and when i say we, the i is included, although sometimes, this i does not buy in.
   I try to do what is right and to allow everybody to benefit from the overview of the situation.  The options to get out of a path once it has started slim down very fast, so i tend to be an up-front ideas person that puts the vision together and develops a mechanism, a protocol for action.  I tend to not be interested in the details as much as the themes and sometimes run into roadblocks that i never saw coming.
   Most of these roadblocks have to do with the way things are done.  I can analyze a scenario and then take action to do what need be done.  i do not ask questions or permission - once the ball is placed on my court - i tend to play it to the best of my ability, until i hand the ball off to somebody else.  When i get to take a break, i tend to read very violent fiction - Tom Clancy and Vince Flynn, spiced with the fantasy of Neal Stephenson.  Real, but very fake - imagery that develops imagination focused on fear.
   I guess love is focused in the romance book categories; since i have a different model, my love time has been spent engaged in the metaphysical time-space of kitty kats.  By carefully observing the dynamics of cats, in the absence of other people, i have learned to purr on a wavelength that begets acceptance.  The tone of voice and the placement of the tail are the key social markers - when i watch people in this depth, i tend to make them nervous.  I miss not having a person at my side, it is like a complementary pair having a temporary vacancy.
   See how fast we can lose the whirled.  Take the time to go inside and ask: why am i rushing to complete tasks that i do not wish to do?  The pace of urgency is substantially more difficult on the physical body, than taking the time to plan change.  We can only change ourselves, set an example.  We can do all that we need to do, for our own edification, to bring about the life style that complements the image that we create.  We just have to turn off the computer and be in the atmosphere of nature - not the artificial kingdom.
   You can change your mind.  It starts from realizing what it is that is making you think.  If you think with your mind, you miss half the game: try to think with your heart.  If you are willing to break your own heart, then you can do all the things that you feel are morally repugnant in order to make the fix with things.  Stop doing that.  Think with your heart, then add the logic component of your brain.
   How, you ask.  Topic for another post.  Namaste'   doc

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