September 16, 2012

Concept Interuptus

   A knight errant runs the pathway, trolling for pawns in an odd game of capture the flag.  A rook trolls the sideboards, while the bishops plot on the diagonal.  Those pawns have been integrating, the knight thought - the front line phalanx has been plundered.  The queen has been toying with the black knight, woe be it for the messenger who delivers the news to the King.  Off with his head.  Better a bishop than a pawn.  At least i have a horse, he thought.
   When in doubt, head to the literature.  The same stories are told time after time in a myriad of weighs.  The names remain the same as the story changes over time, such that the parable no longer stands alone as a sequence to follow.  Complication befuddles our heroes, as they attempt to fill out the form that enables them through the passage - the toll bridge of blazing saddles.
   So many good images that i hardly know where to begin.  Build upon Asimov's Foundation, where psychohistory by Hari Seldon is a model for getting the act together in a short period of time.  Use Stephenson's Anathem concept of many timelines and enough chances to get it correct at least once and then  ... a phone call interrupts the thread with real life.

   An hour later and the world has been saved from good and evil once again - it is a question of scale.  When you choose to work at one scale, your results get measured at a different scale.  The scale of time is in question - working outside of time is important. mgbh. kitty love crossing the keyboard.  The eternal game of black and white is coming together in a new and novel form.
   Undertaking an impossible task - reorganizing the last ten years of image and text files, such that somebody else can find the pictures, images and accounts that i need to move forward.  I tightened the belt and have started the task - a quarter year per day for 40 days - submitted in the middle of my 64 day game excursion.  I already forgot when i started - but i know the tzolkin zero date - kin 100.  today is resonant blue monkey - kin 111.  
   namaste'   doc   kin 208

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