September 23, 2012


   My friend Dennis Morris is a fantastic abstract artist.  I roared when i saw this picture, featuring an mirror symmetry through the central y-axis.  As a hedronist, i appreciate the art, as a chemist i appreciate the color and as a cat fanatic, i appreciate tiger essence.
   Dennis is a starving artist that hasn't realized that artists who have their art mass appreciated fall into a single category - dead.  Most of the historic 'great' artists died paupers, or cut off their ear or something strange.  Music is an artform and people are strange - jim morrison was an acute observer - an open door, so to speak.  I like van morrison as well - what a marvelous night for a moondance at 7:45 am.  In a strange weigh, i know i am related to both these twin sons of different mothers.  (oops - Fogelberg and Weisberg took that line)
   You have to choose what you like, in order to be able to get what you want.  You can't always get what you want, but if you try, somehow, you get what you need.  The universe provides what you ask for, but rarely in the form that you expect when you ask for it.  There seems to be a perverse pleasure in using colloquial interpretation of prayer words, great spirit is your higher being's higher being, so that trust is not an issue.
   Trust is an issue.  We are taught not to trust ourselves and our judgments, but to respect authority as the source of better judgment.  We have seen time and time again how this is not true - we cannot trust other people when the universe speaks directly to us and we know better.  It never works.  You have to be able to do what you have to do in order to do things right the first time and save yourself from having to do them again.
   It is one big learning curve and the treadmill says that we have to do the same thing over and over again to get enough iterations to have statistical significance and know what is really going on.  Once or twice just doesn't cut it.  That is why the people that really know their stuff put hours and hours into doing the stuff they know how to do - because they enjoy doing something that they are good at doing.
   I have no idea how many hours Dennis put into making this picture - not nearly as long as the first picture that he developed using the concept.  Flashy color and simple symmetry draw the eye to the screen - it is a good way of constructing a blog site - i am certain you see parallels - i blog daily to practice and i now can beat out my words in almost no time at all, whereas i once had to sit at the screen and think about how i wanted to say what i just said.  It is all the same.  Just a different form, another facet.
   The knowledge that we have that is supposed to be common knowledge has not been shared around.  There are some people who have lots of knowledge on one topic, many others who have a little knowledge in a lot of topics.  I use the terms depth and breadth to describe these two forms.  They form a Heisenberg pair - as you build one, you slip on the other.  Holding a deep knowledge of a single field doesn't allow the time to 'waste' on other non-related fields - we hence build the extreme image of the over-educated dunce - all knowledge is specific and nothing is common at all.  
   Think now about the range of scale - what is the opposite of our nerdy idiot.  The renaissance man who knows every bit of trivia ever told on free television, but has never cracked a book in his life.  He may have learned to read, but didn't give it much thought once he found that people would tell him about stuff.  So he watched and asked and imitated - and got all the social cues and world frame by being absorbed into the popular culture.  This image is fluid, everything that he is told is true and if it conflicts, that is no problem.  It all is compartmentalized and there are many different things.  If it works, it is practical for that application, if it doesn't work, ask somebody to make it work.
   Sometimes you get a savant - a person who doesn't get educated formally, but dives into their own deep world of truth and knows things that other normal people just cannot see.   The images are not formalized by 'proper education' so the group think part is never engaged either.  This person can develop context that can see where the breadth has embedded error and when the depth is off kilter.
   We have a problem with sharing information.  The sequestration of information for profit by the patent system is a crime against humanity.  But now corporations are people and have human rights greater than people have human rights.  How do we accept Monsantrosities such as this? Group-think doesn't see a conflict and the depthful are focused on correct and narrow - there is nobody in a position to offer critical advice because there are only two skewed perspectives available - ones of breadth or depth.  Not both.  There is a big con game here going on, because the depth people have no clue and the breadth people have no context that anything is wrong.  
   So what can we do?  Stand back for a moment and develop context.  The media is controlled by the money, we all play to put food on the table and a roof over our heads.  Why?  No really, why? No really, WHY?  
   New game building.  More info soon.   Namaste'   doc

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